Thursday, 31 January 2013

Miniature work quality and board progress

Hello once again,
I've been pottering around with something else I forgot to mention in the last post.

I was approached recently and asked if I would build and paint some figures, maybe on a regular basis. after a couple of discussions about it I said I'd prepare some example figures that show varying levels of quality that I think I can work to.

The things they would have to cover would be, construction, modelling/conversion, painting and basing.

I don't for a minute think that I am a miniature building/painting expert, but I do have experience and believe I have a good handle on the quality I can achieve. So after a little thought I divided up the stages that I would build/paint miniatures into levels of work.

I decided upon 4 levels, each one building upon the foundation of the previous ones:
  •  Basic: Clean base colours and a single defining wash.
  • Tabletop: As above and highlighted.
  • Advanced: As above, additional highlights, extra details, different washes, weathering.
  • Display: As above, with more time/effort, freehand, glazes/washes, weathering, sculpting.

I chose Cadian Imperial Guardsmen for my example figures. Here's shots of them when construction was finished:

They're in varying paint stages and images will be posted up when finished.

I've also done a touch more work on the skirmish boards. Nothing groundbreaking, I just used textured spray paint to finish the edges off a little better and add a little random texture here and there.

That's about it this minute.

Take care everybody,



  1. you need to pick up on this blogging lark soonish... maybe write up whats being going down on the roleplay front? much love =)

    1. I'm doing it, I'm doing it!!!

      Just had to get my sodding head in order...


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