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Many happy returns Meandering Shade!

2 years old... I even made a cake... Don't say I never give you anything ;p

I slaved away for seconds on that :)

Hi everybody, hope you're all doing well.

So, I've had my blog for 2 years now. . . Well colour me surprised, I didn't realise it had been that long.
I didn't post when the first anniversary arrived for my blog, because at the time I wasn't that sure whether I was even going to keep it.

But I left it alone for a while just in case I wanted to come back. And as you can tell.. I did!

Blogging is to me another of my little hobbies, it's a small one admittedly, but tied to my many other hobbies of miniature painting, wargaming board gaming and roleplaying.

I haven't used my blog to it's fullest potential yet, but it's starting to see more use than it has ever before. you can see in the Archive to the right that I've made more posts in the last 4 months than I did in the entirety of last year. And I'm hoping to keep that up. I've got …

Strangely quick progress on Grom the Paunch

Hey folks... I'm back with a quick update... Twice in one day eh?
Not a habit I'd like to keep up to I'd go mental...

I just thought I'd post a progress image up following from earlier, because I got more done than I actually thought I would... Which is nice :)

I've already completed the wolves and made headway on the chariot and wheels. I hope I can keep this pace up and get it completed for the weekend. Then I'll be good to go on whatever challenge gets announced.

Well that's it, just a little buzzing at getting things done again. Gonna go to bed now, I'm off for a day out with the kids tomorrow.

Thanks if you read this far, take care everybody. I'll post up again soon.

Rolling down from Misty Mountain. . .

Hi everyone,
I found I had a bit of hobby energy to burn and fancied doing something with it.
I went and had a look around my mountain of minis for something fun to play around with. And so I've decided to tackle a miniature that has been sat gathering dust for many, many years in my collection:

That's right, Warlord Grom "the Paunch" of Misty Mountain. This is has been one of my favourite characters ever since I began in the hobby. What's not to love about an extremely grumpy, violent and flatulent goblin with a permanent case of Troll-meat induced indigestion. The image of him racing around on his grand chariot pulled by wild, snapping wolves and his faithful (for a Goblin) Banna Waver Niblet the Night Goblin hanging on the back for dear life...

Aaah... well... It's about time I finally got around to the little guy.

So I've made a start. The miniature is all primed up and ready to go. In fact I'm already laying down my first colours I'm just writing …

A little green tide...

Hello everyone, hope you're all keeping well.

As I mentioned back at the start of Ork Week, the first true army I collected and painted were Warhammer 40,000 2nd edition Space Orks and what happened to them. (actually I think I may have done my first Dark Angel Space Marines at the same time.... But I digress...)

The challenges I have taken part in over the last month have given me a bit of fpcus and I'm going to be bringing that army back to life. I may not work on it full time, but it is going to be one of my main side projects alongside any other hobby goodness I flit to like the aimless hobby butterfly that I am.

I promised you these recently, the images of my completed miniatures from Ork Week and Stuntie Week together:

First up we have the Mekboy and his assistants, my favourite of the bunch is the heavily overladen Gretchin at the back-right. I may still go back to the Shokk Attakk Gun itself and do something more with the globes, but I'm calling it done for the forseea…

Stuntie Week - Part 03

Hey folks, this is where my Runts stood as of last night the final day of Stuntie Week!
I was just too knackered to post anything at the time.

They're not 100% finished, but they're not far off. I just have some of the small details (shrooms, squigs, lenses, teeth etc), some final highlights, the base edges and then they'll be done.
But I'm happy with getting them to this stage during the challenge week :)

Runtherdz' Assistants:

Mekboyz' Assistants:

Painboyz' Assistants:

I'm going to finish them off either today or tomorrow and then I'll post up a picture of them with the completed miniatures from Ork Week.

Thanks for looking and all the comments, I hope you enjoyed it.

Take care everyone,

Chaos in the Old World - Board Game

Hi everybody,
I didn't get anything done today (Sat) for my Stuntie Week challenge because I had a delivery of something I've been after for some time and my gaming group decided that is what they wanted to play for the day.

Chaos in the old world is a board game based upon Warhammer Fantasy and  puts you in the role of one of the Gods of chaos. You use your daemonic minions to challenge the other gods' followers for domination of different locations on the map from Norsca, to the Badlands.

There are event cards that affect what is going on in the world as you clash, you summon and pit your minions in battle upon the territories on the map and play cards that have varying effects on the game. You can earn the chance to turn your threat counter that has other effects on the game including the chance to upgrade your followers, the more power you garner, the more powerful your daemonic legions become.

There are actually several different ways for the game to end and for each God …

Stuntie week - Part 02

Hi folks, here's my next little update on my Stuntie Week work.
I chose and prepared and based the figures that I would be using as my Runt assistants.
I did a little minor conversion/sculpting work here and there to make them fit with the Oddboy they were to be attending.

Prep Work:
These are the Runts that will be attending the Painboy, I converted one from a Mek assistant to look like he is collecting "down-payments" for from the Painboy's patients. Another I converted the shell he was carrying to look like an overlarge syringe.

These next ones will be attending th Runtherder, one is actuallyintended to be a squig oiler, but I think he works perfectly well as the treat-caddy. One of the Gretchin was converted to have his own grabba-stikk to keep the smaller runts in line.

The next were picked to attend the Mekboy, two look like they know the business end of the tools they're carrying, the other two are the overladen dog's-bodies.

Beginning The Paint:

I went back t…

Stuntie Week - Part 01

Hey folks, hope you're all doing well :)
So... Stuntie week is the next challenge following up from Ork Week. ChicoDaSatanic left this one a little more open to let more people take part.

So this challenge is about working on Dwarfs/Squats/Halflings/Goblins/Gretchin, plus probably anything else that fits into Stuntie as a category (ie, smaller than man-size).

I've decided that I'm going to work on some Runt assistants for the Oddboyz I did in Ork Week. So I'm preping these up at the minute.

I'm still considering working on some of the Dwarfs I have kicking around too. The right-most of three tubs up in the back of the picture has a unit of Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Trollslayers that have been waiting for a lick of paint for a long time.

The left-most has a large selection of Dwarfs and Gnomes that I bought from Stonehaven Miniatures from their Kickstarter campaigns.

I'm leaning more toward the Stonehaven miniatures, just to paint up some unique and characterful figures…

Tabletop Day! - April 5th 2014

Hi folks, it's tabletop day.
It also happens to fall on the day our gaming group gets together. So we're going to try to get a few boardgames in and enjoy the day!

I'm going to upload some of the highlights over the day, I'll just keep updating this post to keep it all in one place.

Game 01:

I decided to get a game in with my 2 youngest Rhiannon and Caine and thought it was the perfect opportunity to crack out the old Troll Games.
We decided to play Trolls in the Pantry.

My daughter Rhiannon won the first game of the day.

Game 02:

When the guys arrived they wanted a got at Trolls in the Pantry too :)

My friend Craig won that one

Game 03:

Two of my friends James and Wayne finally got in the game of Warhammer that has been put off by bad scheduling for ages.
Lizardmen vs. Ogre Kingdoms.

James' Lizardmen victory.

Game 04:

Craig, Carl and I had a game of Anima off to the side of the Warhammer battlefield...

Victory went to Carl.

Game 05:

For the last game of the night Jessica, Gregory, …

I was given a Liebster Award!

I must give my many thanks to ChicoDaSatanic over at oldhammer on a budget for nominating me to receive the Liebster Award. Click on the link to check out his blog and the other blogs that he nominated... Go on... Enjoy yourself with a bit of link-hopping... :)

Anyhoo... What is the Liebster award?
It is basically a little like a chain letter. you are nominated by a blogger and in turn nominate several other bloggers to partake in the steps and pass on the award.

The purpose?
To show a little bit of appreciation for some of the blogs that you follow and hopefully to send a little more traffic their way and get them a bigger audience and vice-versa. It's a share-the love kinda deal.

What do I have to do when nominated?
Well there are several variations I've seen going around the blog-sphere, but they're all pretty similar in approach. This one specifically I have to follow these steps:
Give 11 truths about myself.Answer the 11 questions given to me by the blogger that gave me the …

Ork Week - Day 07... ish...

Okay, okay, okay...  I went a bit over my 7 days...  I just wanted to catch up on some of the lost time from mid-week.

So I got some paint splattered on the Mekboy and the Runtherd, they're not completely finished but I'll call them at least 90% done. I'd like to clean up some of the highlights, finish some of the details and maybe some tiny bits of wash to define some areas of detail. I also want to tone down the glowy areas on the Shokk Attakk Gun with wash a bit like the Plasma Gun.

But here is the Shokk Attakk Gun Unit. Almost complete, mainly just some clean-up and basing to finish. I like how they look together, so I'm calling it a nominal success. I'd have definitely had them done using the full amount of time I had. As well as the additional items I have below.

When things were going smoothly and I thought I'd have plenty of time, I decided to add to my original target. So I decided to make a start on a Painboy and a Dreadnought for a bit of fun too. At th…