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This blog is for my personal hobby pursuits and is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by any of the companies or products mentioned within the content.

No challenge to copyright, trademarks or intellectual property is intended. And any images or terms used are the sole property of the owning individuals and companies.

Links to full disclaimers will be added as needed and follow:

Companies, Trademarks etc:

Games Workshop and Citadel Miniatures

Fonts, Images, Resources:

For the most part I try to use only images and other resources I have created myself, art, photography etc. But in the instances I do have to find/download something to use I try to make sure they are public domain or free to use commercially.

The Font I used to create my logo is FancyText by Diogene. I really like the Gothic sensibility combined with clear readability. It can be found here: FancyText

Caslon Antique is a Font pretty similar to the one used in a lot of Warhammer publications. I use it from time to time on things and it can be found here: Caslon Antique

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