Current Projects

Hobby Log 2018

I plan to use this log to keep my current hobby projects organised as I work on them.

Whenever I make an update for something that moves up a stage/list, or that gets added to it will be written in red.

The updated item/s immediately preceeding will be written in yellow.

(last updated 25/08/18)

Miniatures: (all built 2018 unless otherwise noted)

Fully painted:

1 Great Unclean One
1 Blood Angels Commander Dante (gift for a friend)
1 Blood Angels Captain Tycho (gift for a friend)
1 Blood Angels Sanguinor (gift for a friend)
40 Nurgle Plaguebearers
1 Inq28 Gunslinger
1 Inq28 Ecclesiarchy Priest
1 Forgeworld Warpfire Dragon

Completed Other:
1 Tentacle Beast to be painted by a friend.
2 converted and primed Giants/Gargants to be painted by a friend.
Repairs to a friends Dark Eldar Scourges and weighting the bases.

Paint in progress:

1 Poxbringer Herald of Nurgle (carried over from 2017)
20 Nurgle Plaguebearers  (built 2018)
6 Plague Drones of Nurgle (carried over from 2017, 3 built 2018)
9 Nurgling Swarms (carried over from 2017)
1 Tree Monster (carried over from 2017)
1 Beastclaw Huskard on Thundertusk
1 Beastclaw Thundertusk Beastriders
1 Death Guard Plague Surgeon
5 Death Guard Blightlord Terminators
3 Myphitic Blight-Haulers
1 Canoness (carried over from 2017)
10 Sisters of Battle (carried over from 2017)

15 Chaos Cultists (Assassinorum Execution Force board game)
1 Eversor Assassin (Assassinorum Execution Force board game)
1 Callidus Assassin (Assassinorum Execution Force board game)
1 Vindicare Assassin (Assassinorum Execution Force board game)
1 Culexus Assassin (Assassinorum Execution Force board game)

3 Chaos Space Marines (Assassinorum Execution Force board game)
1 Chaos Terminator Sorcerer Lord (Assassinorum Execution Force board game)
1 Chaos Familiar (Assassinorum Execution Force board game)

Built ready to prime:

1 Glottkin of Nurgle
1 Gutrot Spume
1 Nurgle Rotbringer Sorcerer
1 Sloppity Bilepiper
1 Spoilpox Scrivener
1 Clan Pestilens Plague Furnace
1 Clan Pestilens Plague Priest
2 Clan Pestilens Plagueclaw Catapults
1 Inquisitor Eisenhorn
1 Death Guard Typhus, Herald of the Plague God
1 Death Guard Lord of Contagion
1 Death Guard Tallyman
1 Death Guard Noxious Blightbringer
1 Death Guard Biologus Putrifier
1 Death Guard Malignant Plaguecaster
14 Death Guard Plague Marines
3 Death Guard Deathshroud Terminators
1 Death Guard Foetid Bloat-Drone
1 Death Guard Plagueburst Crawler
1 Slaanesh skirmish warband (built 2017 with some recent additions)
1 Lord Celestant on Dracoth/Vandus Hammerhand
1 Lord Relictor
1 Lord Aquilor
1 Neave Blacktalon
1 Lord Ordinator Vorrus Starstrike
10 Stormcast Liberators w/warhammer shield
10 Stormcast Liberators w/2 warblades
5 Stormcast Retributors
3 Stormcast Prosecutors w/hammers
3 Aetherwings
1 Human Blood Bowl Team
1 Orc Blood Bowl Team
Steelheart's Champions Shadespire Warband
Garrek's Reavers Shadespire Warband
Sepulchral Guard Shadespire Warband
Ironskull's Boyz Shadespire Warband
Chosen Axes Shadespire Warband
Spiteclaw's Swarm shadespire Warband
Magore's Fiends Shadespire Warband
Farstriders Shadespire Warband
A few Inq28 miniatures (some new, some old)
1 Nighthaunt Lady Olynder
1 Nighthaunt Kurdoss Valentian, the Craven King
1 Nighthaunt Reikenor the Grimhailer
1 Nighthaunt Knight of Shrouds
1 Nighthaunt Knight of Shrouds on ethereal steed
1 Nighthaunt Guardian of Souls
1 Nighthaunt Lord Execuitioner
2 Nighthaunt Spirit Torment
2 Nighthaunt Chainghasts
2 Nighthaunt Dreadblade Harrow
1 Nighthaunt Cairn wraith
4 Nighthaunt Myrmourn Banshees
8 Nighthaunt Glaivewraith Stalkers
5 Nighthaunt Hex Wraiths
9 Nighthaunt Spirit Hosts
4 Nighthaunt Grimghast Reapers
20 Nighthaunt Chainrasp Horde
1 Ironjaws Megaboss
1 Ironjaws Weirdnob Shaman
1 Ironjaws Warchanter
5 Ironjaws Brutes
3 Ironjaws Gore-gruntas
3 Ironjaws Gore-gruntas

Maggotkin mortal warband in progress - 

Lord of Plagues
Lord of Blights
3 Putrid Blightkings
8 Chaos Marauders
1 Chaos spawn

Terrain: (all built 2018 unless otherwise noted)

Fully painted:

Paint in progress:

Necromunda Bulkhead Shipping containers (built 2015, pulled out of storage and back into the painting queue)

Built ready to prime:

1 Sigmarite Mausoleum set
2 Arcane Ruins sets
1 Dreadstone Blight ruined tower
1 Chapel of Morr (bilt some time ago, back into queue)
3 Citadel Walls & Fences sets
1 Balewind Vortex
1 Dreadfire Portal
1 Magewrath Throne (the old one with skull tower)
1 Eternity Stair
Deadbolt's Derelict Corridors (MDF Necromunda/Zone Mortalis walls)
Sci-Fi palettes

Sci-Fi trunks
Necromunda Bulkheads, Doors and Accessories from new core box

2 Azyrite Ruins
1 Skullvane Manse/Warscryer Citadel
2 Baleful Realmgates
1 Ophididan Archway
1 Numinous Occulum
3 Fecullent Gnarlmaws
2 Ryza Ruins
1 Honoured Imperium
1 Thermic Plasma Conduits
1 Prometheum relay Pipes

(last updated 25/08/18)