Monday, 5 May 2014

The surliest Ewok in the tribe...

Hi folks,
I've not been up to much hobby stuff, had a bugger of a fortnight. What with random injuries, surgeries in the family and moving the house around.

I went out last night to the Fab Cafe in Leeds for the May the 4th Star Wars Day (you know... May the 4th be with you... Ahem), it was also combined with my friend Carl's Stag Party, I'm the best man.

I just thought I'd share these amusing and dodgy pictures of me from last night:

It was a really great night out, I recommend Fab Cafe if you're in the Leeds area. Great staff, great patrons, a good time overall :)
I also happened to win the 1st prize £80 cash, in the costume competition.

But you know what? Revenge of the 5th is right.... I'm feeling really rough around the edges today ha!

As I mentioned above I'm the best man at my friend's wedding, it is going to be this Saturday so there's still a lot of prep-work going on from everyone. I'll be getting back to more hobby goodness after the weekend.

Until then, take care everyone, I'll be back soon,