Tuesday, 11 October 2016

AoS - Nurgle Plaguebearers airbrush test figures

Hi everybody, my apologies for the lengthy period of silence.

A big thank you to my followers for sticking around while I was gone.

I'm attempting to write this post on my mobile phone, so I hope it turns out well.

I won't bore you with all the details, but a combination of life (depression) and technical difficulties (Computer died). Left me in no mood to do any hobby or write on the blog for quite some time.

But I am getting back into the swing of things. Trying out some new tools and techniques.

I just wanted to pop on and say hi and post up a quick picture (not sure what the quality is like I'm afraid, due to the pc not playing nicely.) I started painting these Nurgle Plaguebearers on Sunday evening, finished painting them Monday evening.

And a thank you to Wilhelm for inspiration with the bases. I pretty much switched the roles of the orange and sepia from that tutorial link and added a little yellow ink too to get a nice dirty orange which I think complemented the skin of the Daemons nicely. 

I think I've found my hobby footing again and will be posting a bit more regularly if this mobile post actually works out.

Take care.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Celtic Hill Fort, my daughter's school project. Or... How your nerdy hobby skills are awesome!

Hi everybody, this is a little break in my normal hobby routine. I just wanted to post about a little homework project I helped my youngest daughter Rhiannon (8 yrs) with over the last couple of days.

She has been studying the Roman Empire at school for some time and they moved on to some of the other peoples of the time period. The last term they have been looking closer at the Celts.

For the Easter break her class was given a project to complete and bring back with a log/journal of how they made it at the start of the new school term and she had been having some difficulty deciding what to do.

Rhiannon had been wanting to make a mask based on some they had studied with a visitor to the school, but she became despondent when children in her class started to bring their completed masks into school and she didn't think that hers would be good enough.

I took a look at her project book and pointed out it said she could make a model of a Celtic roundhouse or hill fort if she wished.

She looked at me with her sad puppy-dog eyes and said "But I don't know how to make models daddy..."

I smiled back and said "No, not right now. But I do and I can show you how."

And with that she brightened up and it was decided, we were making a hill fort. So with a bit of my hobby know-how and amateur blogging experience we made a start. We did a bit of research online and Rhiannon picked a couple of images she liked which I've posted below:

I'd like to note now that I'm not in the habit of giving my children the answers to any work they bring home. I'll guide and encourage them to find the answers on their own. The only time I step in is if it is something they are physically incapable of doing.

This normally gets me a response from my kids of "But what I make a mistake? What if I get it wrong?"
My response, "Good. Making mistakes is part of the learning process. You make a mistake, you correct it, you then find out why you were wrong..."

So with that thought I went and had a look through my hobby supplies in the basement. I wanted to find as much material and tools as possible that Rhiannon could do the majority of the work by herself with me mainly giving instruction and guidance. It also had to be fairly simple and robust to survive the prodding and rough handling it'll get once it is handed in at school.

And with the materials gathered we commenced work:

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Space Marine Painting Competition - Completed

A few posts back I showed my work in progress entries for the painting competition. I didn't get straight back to it as intended due to other things getting in he way, but I completed the paint-jobs and took them to the store to enter them.

Space Marine Painting Warhammer 40k Competition Completed Guardians Celeres Angels Revenant Blanche Blanchitsu

Here's my thoughts on how they turned out:

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Assassinorum: Execution Force - Converting the Chaos Cultists

Hi everyone, here's my first update on my board game side-project. I decided to start with Games Workshop's Assassinorum: Execution Force (as you probably already knew from the post title...)

So... I just can't keep things simple. In the box set you get 3 each of 5 variants of chaos cultist. I didn't want to have so many duplicates so I decided to mix things up a bit with some simple head and weapon swaps to make them look a little bit more individual and rag-tag. I also gave them all industrial style bases to match the board game.


Nothing complicated, cut, glue, fill, sculpt... Aha! that reminds me. I decided to try something out I'd read about online some time ago. I used a mix of epoxy putties for the filling and sculpting. The mix was a 50/50 mix of Apoxie Sculpt and good old Green stuff. from what I've seen online the mix can be carved and drilled a bit more easily than pure Green Stuff, but still retains a bit of it's flexibility, reducing the hardness of Apoxie Sculpt.

The Apoxie Sculpt feels soft and waxy (much like Fimo if you've ever used that), mixing it with Green Stuff is really easy. The texture ends up somewhere between, but the interesting things to note are that when mixed this way the Apoxie Sculpt gets rid of the "memory" of the Green Stuff so it generally stays where you push it without any of the spring back you can get with GS, it smooths very easily and the cure time is reduced quite noticeably too.

Here are some shots of the 5 variants of cultists. each image has the original unconverted figure in the center and my minor conversions on either side:

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Sunday night roleplay prep

Pathfinder RPG prep

So I've finally finished all the spring cleaning after hiring a van and removing practically a metric ton of crap from my house and cellar and that's pretty much my entire spring break gone.

I've got all my hobby room sorted out and finally sat down to relax for the evening and get on with something, tonight it's prep work for my Monday role-playing group. A little while back I started running the Rise of the Runelords campaign for the Pathfinder RPG, but had to put it on hold while I got on with things around my home.

It just dawned on me while I was sat here scribbling notes, that I mainly post about miniatures and wargaming on my blog, even though I play RPG's a lot more than I get to push miniatures around a battlefield these days.

And it got me wondering about you, my followers.

I know many of you are into miniatures and wargaming, but how many of you are roleplayers too?

Are you in a RPG group at the moment?

If you are, what are you playing right now?

What do you want to be playing?

Consider my curiosity piqued, let me know in the comments below.

Now my hobby room is set up there will be more updates of me pushing putty and slapping paint on miniatures very soon.

Until then, take care.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Space Marine Painting Competition - paint in progress

I haven't had as much time to dedicate to my miniature hobby as I'd like over the last couple of weeks, what with spring cleaning the house, my roleplay group gathering twice a week at my place, entertaining the kids over their Easter holidays and various other day to day shenanigans.

But luckily my local comic store Narrow Escape Comics is holding a painting competition as part of the 30th anniversary of the creation of Space Marines. Games Workshop provided a load of push-fit miniatures for the competition.

We're allowed to pick up and enter as many entries as we wish, so I picked up a couple of miniatures to play around with. It's given me a little project to work on when I have a few minutes to spare from my other duties as a semi-functional human adult.

I decided either to have a go at painting chapters I've not done before and that looked interesting or come up with my own scheme. I used this pictoral guide to known Imperial Space Marine Chapters on deviantart to give me some ideas and went for two listed on there.

The Guardians of Celeres - Dark green, white pauldrons, silver aquila.
The Angels Revenant - Cobalt blue, white pauldrons, gold aquila.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Project: Board Games... The beginning.

My apologies for no hobby post last week, I've had some problems with my PC that I think are worked out now.

There are a few projects old and new that I want to work on. One project that I really want to do is to paint up the playing pieces and miniatures for several board games I've owned for a while and a few I picked up recently.

painting board game playing pieces figures project

I've already made a start on a couple of them, but I'm going to put them aside for now and limit myself to one game at a time until it is complete. I'm fighting my hobby butterfly impulses,

I think that board games look a lot nicer on the tabletop when the playing pieces are even just given a quick paint-job like this boxed game I painted a while back:

dungeons & dragons fantasy adventure board game painted pieces figures

Nothing earth-shattering, just quick block colours and a wash on those. They've performed double duty as creatures for our RPG's in the past too. They were pretty crude soft bright plastic figures, but improved a lot with some paint on.

This is kind of a back burner project. I'll be working on my board game pieces in the background and beside other hobby projects, you'll see updates as and when I work upon them.

I play an awful lot of different board games with my friends alongside our wargaming and roleplaying. I was thinking maybe I should do some posts on the different board games I play, what's in the box? how does it play? A bit like a light review I suppose... It's an idea anyway, I may follow through with it or not as and when the whim takes me..

Take care and I'll be back with more hobby updates pretty soon.