Thursday, 29 August 2013

Necromunda Van Saar Gang pic dump

No excuses, it's been far too long since my last post...

I apologise... Life happened.

This post is pretty much going to be a big pic-dump of the images I promised to show in my last post.

At the time I worked on this gang I had been rather ill, I was delirious for about a week at some point during that time and my recollection is a little foggy.

I didn't manage to get my photography set-up sorted out and had to make do snapping a load of shots minutes before the miniatures were picked up. Here are some pictures I deemed good enough to post after going through a lot of really bad ones... Seriously, I took about 150 pics and these were the best I could salvage, the quality is not that brilliant (sorry...).

When I was originally approached to paint the figures I was asked to paint them the same as the ones in the Necromunda book. But to be honest with you, I frickin' hate that lime-green colour scheme. I wanted to paint them to suit their underhive environment, something dark and industrial, not quite camouflage, but near enough.

pic name

pic name
I went for a dark grey for the majority of their body-suits with a grimy industrial yellow for the secondary colour. On a whim I painted the weapons a military drab green because I thought it would tie in with the Van Saar background as mass producers of weaponry for the Imperial armies, I was quite pleased with the look. other details were painted in a leathery brown or gunmetal.

pic name

pic name
The bases have quite a bit going on. Lots of debris/detritus with more chances to paint some more of the yellow accent colour and some orangey rusted parts. I didn't want to have the figure just blend into their bases and thought the additional colour would help them "pop" a little.