Monday, 10 December 2012

Steampunk Adventurer

My Gaming group is always playing around with the idea of starting a steampunk roleplaying campaign of some description.

Possibly using one or a combination of systems/settings: Abney Park's Airship Pirates, Victoriana, Iron Kingdoms.

Even if whoever decides to run a game says they won't be using figures, because the miniature hobby comes naturally, I tend to make figures of my characters anyway.

So I put together this figure in preparation, a sort of steampunk adventurer/gunslinger:

It is a very minor conversion and alternative paint-job.

The base figure is a Cygnar Gun-Mage Captain Adept from the Warmachine gameline produced by Privateer Press.

The only conversion work was to the rear of the miniature, I left the sword off and instead attached the ammo bags/satchel from the warhammer 40k Ork Boyz sprue.

Then it was just a quick paint-job and done.

The pose the original miniature is in, is to indicate he is casting a spell with/through his pistol.
I thought it looked quite dynamic and just makes me think of a gunslinger caught mid-motion as he draws and spins to face his attacker.


Samual Vimes of the Night Watch

Terry Pretchett's Discworld has many odd and wonderful characters in it.
Samuel Vimes is one of my favourites, I know that in art he has a little bit of a Clint Eastwood look to him, but in all the years I read discworld novels growing up I imagined him played in my imaginary cast by the now late and great Pete Postlethwaite.

This is another miniature that I painted for my friend Craig but this time as a sort of combined birthday present.
Our friend Jessica bought the miniature for Craig's birthday but didn't think she could do it justice and asked me to paint it for him.

Discworld samuel Sam Vimes miniature micro art studioDiscworld samuel Sam Vimes miniature micro art studio

Discworld samuel Sam Vimes miniature micro art studioDiscworld samuel Sam Vimes miniature micro art studio

I got to try out the Vallejo Model Colour starter set for the first time and they were really nice to work with. I did still use a touch of Devlan Mud too, but otherwise, very pleased with the Vallejo paints.

Blood Angels: Commander Dante and Captain Tycho

I finished painting some miniatures for a couple of my friends a little while back, but I just didn't get around to taking pictures of them.

Here's some shots of two Blood Angels special characters I painted for my friend Craig for his force when he first started in the hobby.
The miniatures actually came from another friend's old collection that he gave to e when leaving the hobby.

I rummaged around in my storage boxes and found what I could, being lead miniatures there was some unavoidable softening of some details and Dante actually had both hands missing. So I decided to fix them up and give them a new lease of life in somebody else' collection.

Chapter Master - Commander Dante:

I had to scratch build a new Inferno pistol for Dante, I believe it used parts from a chaos plasma pistol, a meltagun and some guitar wire.
I built up the Axe Mortalis from an old veteran sergeant power axe from my bits box and a small section of a banner top.
I also picked up one of the awesome Sanguinary Guard jump packs to modernise him a little. Then it was onto a 40mm scenic base and into the paint queue.

3rd Company Captain - Erasmus Tycho:

Tycho was a little more simple, just some cutting and filing of damaged/squashed details and had to re-sculpt a small section of his nose/cheek, purity seals and other small bits.
Then I added one of the drop pod chapter marking plates to a section of rod for a small banner.
Once again, onto a 40mm scenic base and into the paint queue.

I still have to paint up The Sanguinary Priest - Corbulo, he's in the paint queue somewhere down the line though.


Trying new things with miniature photography

I've been experimenting with how I take pictures of my miniatures and how i would like to display them on my blog.

There are many skilled and talented bloggers out there that probably do it a hell of a lot better than me. But this method is working for me at the moment, I may tweak and change it at a later date. And I'll hold off from a tutorial until I master the way I do it.

Here are a couple of shots of miniatures I've posted before on the blog, but with the new method:

Adeptus Arbites

Adeptus Arbites Arbitrator Conversion Inq28 Dark heresy 40k

Adeptus Arbites Arbitrator Conversion Inq28 Dark heresy 40k

Khorne Berzerker

Khorne Berzerker Chaos Space Marine Conversion 40k

Khorne Berzerker Chaos Space Marine Conversion 40k

Inspiration and Research

And for the benefit of people who want to do it themselves or just want to read some great blogs, posts and articles. Here's a handful of links to sites, blogs and articles I found inspirational for this purpose, although there's very likely more I should have highlighted and I apologise for my forgetfulness:

Spiky Rat Pack

Tears of Isstvan

Rust and the City


Legion of Plastic

King's mini's

Opus Maius

Gardens of Hecate

First Point of Ares

Massive Voodoo

This is all completely off of the top of my head, as i said it's likely I've forgotten someone unfortunately.

I just wanted to point these out and say it is not necessarily the method in which any one of them displays their models.
Be that lush photography set-up, useful advice, interesting set pieces, inspiring backdrops, awesome dioramas...
But the dedication, feel and general atmosphere that I was seeking.

I love getting lost in the creation of a characters, miniatures, units and armies. The miniature hobby has been such an amazing portion of my personal and social life and I just wanted to take the time to try and showcase my own miniatures in a more loving and thought out way.

I do not think my photography method is perfect, but I like where it is going now. It is probably always going to be an evolving process.

But thank you to those I've mentioned above for the inspiration (and to those that may have been overlooked too.)


Goblin Samurai miniature conversion for D&D

My friend Gregory had rolled up a Goblin Samurai for an all goblin D&D campaign we were going to be taking part in.

He asked me for help looking for a suitable miniature, but after a lot of fruitless searching he gave up and tried to figure out how to convert one.

Never one to pass up an opportunity, I used this problem to my advantage. I converted and painted up this miniature as his birthday gift for a few reasons:

- 1. He couldn't find one anywhere else.
- 2. He doesn't really feel that confident yet about his converting skill.
- 3. I do.
- 4. It meant I didn't have to think of something else to get him. (bonus!!!)

The majority of the miniature is citadel plastics with some scratch built elements thrown in.

Goblin samurai conversion D&D character

Goblin samurai conversion D&D character

Goblin samurai conversion D&D character

Off the top of my head the parts were as follows:

- Skaven Clanrat torso.
- Goblin wolf rider arms.
- Goblin legs.
- Either a Goblin or Gretchin head.
- The armour sections were cut up Goblin shields.


Sunday, 18 November 2012

Khorne Berzerker : army concept figure

A few years ago I converted and painted this is a miniature with an eye toward doing an entire Khorne Chaos Space Marine army, possibly World Eaters.

Unfortunately it never went further, I had a hobby slump of a couple of years and never went back to it.

I still like the miniature, even though I can see rough spots that I could do better now.

He just sits up on my shelf looking at me now, a lone berzerker....


I may go back to this project yet... We'll see.

See you around,

Gaming Terrain : Field Stone Wall Sections

I'm getting around to populating my tabletop with some terrain I've had on a back burner for a while.

Soon I'm hoping that there will be no more "counts as" props for landmarks on the battlefield.

I actually made these wall sections a months ago, but I've only just got around to painting and flocking them.

The wall sections are each 6" inches long, in Warhammer you roll for D3 6" obstacles on terrain set-up.

These wall sections are pretty versatile for table set-up. Whether it is for wargaming or roleplay. They can be random obstacles and line-of-sight blockers, or placed to make larger terrain like gardens and pastures alongside any buildings and other terrain is placed on the board.

Here's a scale shot of them, I just grabbed a nearby miniature to illustrate it. As you can see, the walls come to slightly higher than waist height on a 28mm miniature, but the process of making them could be modified for different scales very easily.

Since I made these before I started the blog there weren't any work in progress shots of their construction, but I'm planning on rectifying that.

I want many more obstacles of different types, so I will take pictures as I go and post them as future tutorials, so watch this space.

Take care everyone,

Monday, 12 November 2012

Stripping my realm of battle gameboards...

Hi everyone, the stomach bug seems to be abating, so I can finish editing some of my articles and get back to normal...

Well... As normal as I ever get to be...

I recently found out that static grass aggravates my allergies leaving me very sore in the throat, nose and eyes.

Now that's a bit of a problem considering that much of the terrain I still have has it on there, including my Realm of Battle gameboards and the stuff tends to shed.

So a few days ago I decided to do something about it...

I quickly popped out to the supermarket to buy a cheap scrubbing brush. And as soon as I got back home I strapped on a dust mask, welding goggles, grabbed my brush, grabbed a couple of small tea strainers and put on my slippers...

(Don't look at me like that... we have tiled floors in the bathroom and my feet get cold...)

Then looking like a strange cross between Mr Muscle and a fat road warrior, I took my Realm of Battle boards into the bathroom to face their fates.

How I went about stripping the boards:

1. First I placed the smallest tea strainer over the plug hole to capture the static grass and avoid blocking the plumbing.

2. I worked one board at a time just placing them in the bathtub on an angle to have the water run down.

Friday, 19 October 2012

The Gamers: Mask of Death Kickstarter Arrived!!!

I got an awesome parcel delivered today...

I backed the Kickstarter project that was based upon the hilarious movie The Gamers:Dorkness Rising and have just received the adventure supplement The Mask of Death, which the protagonist are playing in the movie.

It is full colour and signed by the cast and has some quite fun but quite ridiculous pieces of custom content for Pathfinder (Feats mentioned in the movie that didn't exist in the "Core Rules").

I also got a "Mound of dead bards" miniature along with it...


I'm looking forward to putting it together and painting it up, but i know I'm going to be tempted to use it sometime...

Maybe a kingdom where bards are forbidden... Or a rough tavern that doesn't take kindly to joviality...

Anyway... that's all i wanted to post up...

Take care everyone.


Monday, 25 June 2012

Monsters and Creatures for Pathfinder RPG : 01

These are the first pictures of some of the creatures I have been putting together and painting to use in my Pathfinder RPG campaign.

This post is more than likely the first in a series... Hence the numbered title....

The first session that the whole party were together, they had to go out on a boar hunt in order to pay for rooms and have a meal for the night. There was no complacency after the party witnessed Grek almost taken down by a single gore attack from the first boar they encountered that evening.

I used some of the older Citadel plastic boars and just glued them onto 30mm round bases, a little greenstuff to fill the gap in the neck and a quick paint-job and we have...

Pathfinder RPG Miniatures Monster Creature Boar

The Elves Bracken and Caladrel had the misfortune of walking into a trap laid by spiders as they sought shelter in a cave. I wanted spiders of "small" size, the Pathfinder Bestiary had Spider Swarms (Diminutive) and Giant Spiders (Medium), so I used the young template found at the back of the bestiary upon the Giant Spider to make a smaller breed.

For the miniatures, I used some of the Giant Spiders from the old Warhammer Quest boxed set that I had sitting around gathering dust. Mounted on 30mm bases and painted up, they fulfilled the role quite nicely.

Pathfinder RPG Miniatures Monster Creature Spider

Arabella the Gnome Barbarian had a traumatic time when she was trapped underground after a cave-in, she travelled for a long time in the dark caverns underground looking for an exit. The culmination of her lonely adventure, when she ran into a small band of Mites within a forgotten dungeon and fought her way back to daylight.

The miniatures are simply classic Citadel Snotlings painted a blue-grey and mounted on 30mm bases.
(I wish I could find 20mm round lipped bases to mount my small creatures, but I've had no luck finding any.)

Pathfinder RPG Miniatures Monster Creature Mites

The adventurers have been involved in many encounters with Goblins that are attacking merchants along the main roads, worryingly within the bounds of the kingdom.

The miniatures I have painted here are from the now obsolete Gorkamorka line from Gamesworkshop, they were actually Snotlings from the Rebel Grot gang. And as before, mounted on 30mm bases and a quick lick of paint.

Pathfinder RPG Miniatures Monster Creature Goblins

During the campaign I have used a variety of miniatures, stand ins and pre-painted minaitures (which I'll get to in a future post).
Thus far for Goblins I've used the ones above and handfuls of volunteers from my Warhammer Night Goblin army, I'm not quite satisfied with the look of them and I'm working on more.

I have a lot more miniatures to convert and paint to represent monsters/creatures that are choking up my work queue right now, when I get around to them I'll post them up.

So until I pull my finger out and get some more work done, that's all from me...

Take care,


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Pathfinder RPG : Miniatures for our adventuring party.

I just wanted to share some of the miniatures that my friends and I put together for my Pathfinder campaign here:Beyond the Wardwall.

So... Let's Begin.

Teresa "Tessy" Stoutfoot
(played by my 10 year old daughter Dagan-Ellora)

Pathfinder RPG Miniature Conversion Halfling fighterTessy is quite a forceful and hotheaded Halfling Fighter who has on occasion led the party fearlessly from the front line.

(miniature conversion and painting by me.)

The Miniature: (all Citadel parts and some Greenstuff)
- Main body: Gorkamorka Snotling (o.o.p. citadel)
- Head: Lord of the Rings Elf
- Hair plume: 40k Ork range?
- Hands and axe handles: originally joined together as a Warhammer High Elf spearman's hands and polearm

The clothing and armour was all sculpted from Greenstuff.

Arabella Bloodwillow (played by Jessica)

Pathfinder RPG Miniature Conversion Gnome Barbarian
Arabella is a complicated little Gnome Barbarian, quirky and mischievous around her friends, earning money as a carpenter's apprentice. In battle using minor magics to confuse enemies and turning completely psychotic (surely it's the mask!) when her friends are in danger. Along with Tessy she makes up the front line of the party.

(miniature conversion and painting by Jessica)

The Miniature:
- Blood Glutton Gnome Fighter (Reaper Miniatures)
- Night Goblin Fanatic ball and chain (Citadel Miniatures)
- Hair sculpted from Greenstuff (original miniature is bald)

Bracken Fernelle (played by t'other 'alf Micki)

Pathfinder RPG Miniature Conversion Elf RangerBracken now a full Druid has been sent by the elders of the druid commune he lived among, to deliver a most desperate message to the king. By his side stalks the fierce Mountain Tiger Sorell, together a force to be reckoned with, whether using bow or magic, tooth or claw.

(miniature conversion by me, painting by Micki)

The Miniature: (Dark Sword Miniatures and Reaper Miniatures)
- Male Wood Elf archer (Dark Sword)
- Tiger: Jungle Girl and Sabretooth Tiger (Reaper)

I lengthened the hair of the elf as my missus asked and I also sculpted the bases to fit the 30mm lipped rounds, because the miniatures came on awkwardly shaped integral bases.

Tornik Lorekeep (played by Wayne)

Pathfinder RPG Miniature Conversion Dwarf Bard
Tornik the Dwarf is a travelling adventurer, historian and storyteller (Bard), he is working to collate as much lost history and knowledge he can find within and possibly without the kingdoms walls.

(miniature conversion and painting by me)

The Miniature: (all Citadel parts)
- the main miniature is one of the single piece Dwarf champion models from the Skull pass boxed set
- book and hand from the Empire wizards sprue
- pickaxe and a lantern from the Dwarf miners sprue
- various scrolls, pouches, rope and various other bits and bobs... from all over the place?

Grek Shale (played by Gregory)

Pathfinder RPG Miniature Conversion Half Orc FighterGrek is a Half-Orc/Half Dwarf Fighter, he was given over as a ward to a Dwarven temple and has spent his time training and striving to prove himself an able member of Dwarven society. On the battlefield he can be seen running around trying to lend a shield or well placed hammer wherever it is needed most.

(miniature conversion by me, painting by Gregory)

The Miniature: (Citadel and scratch-built parts)
- Lord of the Rings Uruk Hai figure
- o.o.p. chaos warrior shield
- hammer mostly scratch-built from wire and a hammer head on top from...? I can't remember...

Drungen Stonehelm (played by David)

Pathfinder RPG Miniature Conversion Dwarf ClericDrungen is a Cleric and is on a pilgrimage to visit every pub, tavern and alehouse in the land. He has taken Grek along with him as his ward to keep an eye on him (it's quite possible that he is Grek's father, in fact the letter left with the waif said as much).

In battle he lends a hand fighting or healing wherever it is needed, all through the holy power of ale.

(miniature conversion and painting by David)

The Miniature: (Hasslefree and some Citadel)
- The dwarf is Brian the Blessed (Hasslefree Miniatures)
- tankard from Dwarf miner sprue
- Barrel from Ogre sprue?

Caladrel (played by Craig)

Pathfinder RPG Miniature Conversion Elf SummonerCaladrel believes he has learned all that is available in his coastal town about the art of Summoning. He has taken to the road to see monsters and creatures surviving out in the wilds in their natural habitats instead of just reading about them in dusty old tomes, so that he may use that knowledge to increase his summoning skills.

He and his serpentine Eidolon Astrad have supported the other party members up close and afar several times now quite successfully.

(miniature conversions and painting by Jessica)

The Miniatures: (Citadel and Scratch-built)
- Legolas from the lord of the rings range with different hair and clothing sculpted on.
                                                                                    - Astrad is mostly Greenstuff and a Tyranid                                                                                              Warrior head

The party as it looks right now... missing a handful of members...

Pathfinder RPG Miniatures Adventuring Party Player Characters

As you can see the party looks quite sizable right there...

But there are still a few more members to build and paint miniatures for. (Yes... Our games do get rather crowded...)

First of all there's Hodor, Drungen's Pack Pony (shown in group shot) that carries all the sacred ale.
(converted and half painted by me... I really need to finish him)

Kemella Morcam A Half-Elf rogue who won't tell anyone where she is from, not even the GM (played by my 13 year old daughter Ellaouise.)

Tidinium Flib A curious travelling Human Alchemist searching for new and interesting ingredients and recipes to concoct (played by James)

Lady Carmorel Carter, Evilbane A Human Paladin recently released from her mentor ready to live by her sacred code (played by Carl)

And if we get to that point...

Gotrun Heldefast A Dwarf Ranger with bad tidings from the north (played by myself if somebody else takes the reins for a spell...)

Well that's it for now...

Take care.


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Deathwatch RPG - Dark Angels devastator conversion

Sometimes I just barrel ahead and don't think about the miniatures I work on, so unfortunately I don't think to get progress shots.

This was just such an occasion... (Although, he's not really complete, I want to get some more highlights and washes/glazes on before I'm satisfied.)

This was to be my character in the same Deathwatch campaign that I mentioned earlier in the blog in the Deathwatch Ultramarine post.

Regarding the incomplete paintjob.
I wanted to make the all too smooth robes look like a rough material, so I tried something new. I scrubbed dried paint on an old tattered brush, up and down the robes, unlike drybrushing which flicks across the raised detail picking up the edges. I built this up in layers of brown and bone, it's still to finish but I like the texture I'm getting so far.

The rest of the painting has been more standard smooth transition or edge highlight, i wanted the texture of the armour and cloth to contrast, rough and smooth.

Deathwatch RPG Dark Angels Space Marine Miniature Conversion 40k

Not a great deal of conversion work on this miniature, the parts are:

- Heavy Bolter: Devastator sprue
- Purity Seals: dunno... forgotten... Space Marine command squad sprue?
- Pretty much everything else from the Dark Angel veterans sprue

The only converting was the replacement of the original shoulder pad moulded onto the Heavy Bolter right arm, just some careful cutting away and a bit of plastic glue.
The ceremonial blade was cut from a Dark Angel backpack and added to the top of the devastator ammo drum backpack.
Oh, and the purity seals on the weapon replaced a skull or an aquila I think.

The base was simply an off-cut from a citadel movement tray I had lying around. It already had squares marked on it, so I thought it would make a nice paved base, so it was cut to fit a 30mm round lipped base and had a touch of rubble added to it to kep it simple.

Ultramarine too...

Deathwatch RPG Ultramarine Miniature Conversion Sculpting greenstuff 40kAlso whilst I'm at it...

My beautiful, smart, witty and ever patient (I think that's enough grovelling) other half painted the Ultramarine I converted for her and asked me if I'd posted a picture of that up too.

I said I'd get around to it...

A few weeks ago...

So here it is, I think it turned out really nicely in the end.

I've got a few more articles I'm just writing up to post, so until then take care.


Sunday, 20 May 2012

RPG World and Setting Building : My initial thoughts

I am going to start a series of articles on my blog, to record the efforts of myself with the help of my games group creating a setting as we play within that world. This is mainly going to be a fantasy world centric series because I'm making a fantasy world, so be forewarned.

Sources of Inspiration:

There are already many wonderful and rich settings out there put out by fantastic games companies for you and your group to play in:

Dungeons and Dragons (Wizards of the Coast):

- Greyhawk
- Forgotten Realms
- Dragonlance
- Eberron
- Planescape

Everway (also Wizards of the Coast):

- A multi-dimensional setting (can't remember the setting name... can't be bothered getting it down either...)

Pathfinder (Paizo):

- Golarion

Iron Kingdoms (Privateer Press):

- Immoren

Exalted (White Wolf):

- Creation

And many, many more.... (Hey... I feel lazy alright... I was just looking over at my bookcase then got bored... Stop looking at me like that and go look around yourself...)

There are also many thousands of literary settings from incredible authors out there:

- J.R.R.Tolkien
- Terry Brooks
- Michael Moorcock
- Anne Maccaffrey
- Robert E Howard
- Terry Pratchett
- Marion Zimmer Bradley
- Neil Gaiman....
(You know what? I don't think you're dumb enough to have missed out on some of the greatest literature filling the bookshelves of this world... But... If you have... GO TO A BLOODY LIBRARY!... For one thing they are a one stop point for any fantasy inspiration you may need, for another they really need our support these days, many have been closed down due to lack of use and it will be a sad day to see them go...)

Movies and cinema are also great sources of inspiration. Don't just stick to the newer slick Hollywood offerings, look out for some old classics, the effects may look a little dated (for those of you that care about that), but many have very rich stories that may inspire you further. Here's just a few of my favourites in no particular order:

- Willow
- Krull
- Dragonslayer
- Labyrinth
- Beastmaster
- Hawk the Slayer
- The Dark Crystal
- The Princess Bride
- Legend
- The lord of the Rings
- Excalibur

Although you can take inspiration from other genres too, from steampunk and horror, to mystery, comedy and more.

The Plan... Probably:

World creation is quite a monster task to take on and I don't claim to be an expert on the subject. I'm more an enthusiast, that, and I love creativity in art, writing, gaming etc. My gaming group is full of creative and talented people, this is an opportunity for us to build something together that we can use and add to more and more. We will be creating the setting, lands, peoples, gods and anything else we remember or when it crops up. At some point, anybody that wants to within the group may run campaigns in different locales adding more to the world, then many of us will be able to experience the setting from a player's perspective or at the helm as GM.

My campaign wiki is being hosted on the Obsidian Portal website and is entitled Beyond the Wardwall, we will be keeping record of the adventures our parties experiences and eventually all the other details of that world.
Our campaign is using the Pathfinder system, but may end up slightly modified to tie it to our setting. For instance, I'm looking at a the modification to healing magic presented in the Iron Kingdoms setting, which makes it more dangerous to excessively heal due to the scrutiny of the Gods, which will works quite well with the way I am intending on presenting the gods of the setting.

I will be keeping track of the work that goes into creating the setting both here and on my campaign wiki. And just to round off this introduction I'll end with a list of things I intend to possibly work on (subject to change, whim, time allowance.... fading memory etc...) and add to my series of articles and campaign wiki.

Setting and Locations:

This will include cities, landmarks, countries, continents, maybe planes and other such places to set the stage of the world.

Gods and Pantheons:

It didn't feel right using gods from the Pathfinder core book in this setting, so we're undertaking the task of creating Gods that actually fit the feel of it.

Races and Creatures:

Looking at various settings to decide what core races to include and what the wild creatures of the world will be like, maybe just lifting them from other settings and doing as little as just skinning** them for this setting.


As discussed earlier in this post, I am looking at magic and how it may be presented differently and the prevalence/availability of magic items in this setting.

History and Society:

Society models of all the locations/cities created... Currency, government, religion whether the races are segregated or it's a more cosmopolitan location.
And the history of the locations and people therein.

That's about it for now... I'll start to post more as the work is done.

Take care,


**using the mechanics of something in a game setting but describing/dressing it to represent something else.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Dark Heresy RPG - Adeptus Arbites conversion

In this post I am showcasing the miniature i converted and painted to represent my character in the Dark Heresy campaign I am playing in.

(And using my light box to take pictures for the first time.)

We rolled up all the details (home planet, career, appearance etc.) about our characters randomly. Once I had my stats I came up with his background.

Character mini bio:

My character is named Pontius krak, he is an Arbitrator, a member of the Adeptus Arbites. The well armed, well trained and uncompromising police force of the 41st millenium.
He spent his youth running with an underhive gang, was drafted into the Arbites after proving himself a capable individual whilst working as a watchman (a deputised ganger) and although still a rookie was taken on as an Inquisitorial henchman.

(Here is my character's full bio on my friends Dark Heresy Campaign called Missing!!! on Obsidian Portal : Pontius Krak)

The Miniature:

With that information in mind I sketched down a few ideas and looked at miniature parts in my bits-box and online to feel out what i wanted him to look like.
And this is what I came up with:

Adeptus arbites arbitrator conversion inq28 40k Dark Heresy
The main parts I used for the figure were:
- Space Marine scout legs (from the standard scout sprue).
- Right aiming arm (from the standard scout sprue)
- Left arm holding shotgun at ease (from the space marine scout biker sprue)
- Torso with Aquila (from the Cadian Imperial officer sprue)
- Head (from the Cadian Imperial officer sprue)
- Las-pistol(from a Cadian Imperial guardsman arm)
- And finally various bags/holsters (from various sprues)

The Miniature didn't take an awful lot of conversion to get the image I had in mind.

First I used a scalpel to carefully cut away the Bolt-pistol that the right hand originally held. And replaced it with the Las-pistol that i had also carefully cut away from its original arm.
The shoulder pads from the space marine scout arms were carved away and made to look like normal material sleeves.

And then it was just a case of gluing the the parts together.
Adeptus arbites arbitrator conversion inq28 40k Dark Heresy
I decided to keep the paint scheme simple:
- Black for the armour plates with a touch of blue added for highlighting.
- Black for the material sections with a touch of brown added for highlighting.
- Yellow detailing in places to complement the rest of the scheme.
- And I painted the weapons with hazard striping (in the 41st millenium, they go with every ensemble.)

- I finished the paint job with a touch of gloss varnish on the armour plates
- Painted weathering on his equipment (and used a pencil for the metal showing through the chipped areas)
- And finally applied some powdered pastel to the miniature to simulate dust, grime and rust.

Even though my character is quite young, he has naturally grey hair. And taking into account that he spent his life in an underhive environment, I decided to paint his skin quite pale and pallid.

This is also the first time I've experimented with painting stubble on a miniature.

Adeptus arbites arbitrator conversion inq28 40k Dark HeresyAdeptus arbites arbitrator conversion inq28 40k Dark Heresy

All in all I'm quite happy with how the paint scheme turned out.

I have grown fond of round lipped gaming bases, I think I'll use them from now on whenever possible.

Adeptus arbites arbitrator conversion inq28 40k Dark HeresyAdeptus arbites arbitrator conversion inq28 40k Dark Heresy

The detail on the base was created by cutting a section out of the top area. I put a bottom on the base using plasticard and made the small details like the cables and burst pipe using pieces of styrene rod and tube. The surface area was also created using plasticard for the plating, styrene strip and small rounds of rod for riveted pieces and a small piece of car body mesh for the section of broken grating.

The base was painted in metal, washed with various rusty shades And finally given a little brush with pastel powder to simulate dry rust.

Hope you like it, take care now.


Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Deathwatch RPG - Ultramarine conversion

I've had a trawl through images on my phone and here's my first hobby post:

A friend has decided he may run the Warhammer 40,000:Deathwatch RPG for our gaming group but wanted us to have miniatures prepared for our characters beforehand.

My partner decided she wanted to play an Ultramarine, but wasn't confident she could replicate the insignia of the chapter and asked me if I would do it.

She knew full well I would, I was practically chomping at the bit to do it because there's nothing I find more addictive than madly converting and detailing miniatures... Well maybe chocolate... And Tea...And probably sex...

But i digress...

The Insignia

The insignia wasn't too hard, I just paid attention to the reference material I had at hand.

(when using any metal tools with green stuff, I prefer to use vaseline as a lubricant to make the job a lot easier.)
    Deathwatch RPG Ultramarine Miniature Conversion Sculpting greenstuff 40k
  • I started with a piece of green stuff in almost a "shield" shape, like a square but with the bottom two corners rounded.
  • Using an embossing tool* I worked from the center out making a circle.
  • I cut the channel at the top and took away two "v" shaped sections at the top right and left and had the recognisable basic shape of the Ultra symbol.
  • Then it was just a matter of cleaning up the edges with a silicone clay shaper** and making sure the symbol was an even thickness overall too.
*embossing tools come in a variety of sizes, they look like a thick metal needle with a ball on the tip. one of my favourite sculpting tools and available cheaply in most craft shops
**I can not stress enough how wonderful these tools are to work with green stuff. Maybe a little pricey for some, but they are worth it.

The Name

I also used this project as an excuse to try sculpting a name for the first time.
Deathwatch RPG Ultramarine Miniature Conversion Sculpting greenstuff 40k

  • I applied a long rectangle of green stuff across the bottom of the banner.
  • Using a thin tool (I can't remember what off hand, possibly a scalpel?) I measured out five equally sized boxes.
  • Then it was just a case of pressing into the putty to make the shape of the letters.
  • I worked on the "I" in the middle first and then worked outward in both directions.
  • The two decorative pieces on the ends of the name were an afterthought it was just left over from sculpting the name and was originally going to be cut off.
  • Then I just had to make sure it was an even thickness and the edges were pushed in a little straighter.
  • The Ultra symbol was made in exactly the same way as the first on the shoulder pad, as was the smaller one on the chest.

When the putty is fully cured I just use an old brush to clean away the lubricant.

The Rest

The joy of working on a miniature for an RPG is that I could also add on all the little extra details like purity seals, scrolls and various other paraphernalia that would be lost on a miniature in a unit for mass tabletop gaming. I think that finding the right balance of detailing is just the thing to really bring a miniature to life.

And here was the completed miniature.

Deathwatch RPG Ultramarine Miniature Conversion Sculpting greenstuff 40k

Nothing spectacular, just a kitbash from various plastics and a little sculpted detail.

I'll have to take a picture of it to post up now that my partner has painted it.

Reet.. that's enough of me.