Khorne Berzerker : army concept figure

A few years ago I converted and painted this is a miniature with an eye toward doing an entire Khorne Chaos Space Marine army, possibly World Eaters.

Unfortunately it never went further, I had a hobby slump of a couple of years and never went back to it.

I still like the miniature, even though I can see rough spots that I could do better now.

He just sits up on my shelf looking at me now, a lone berzerker....


I may go back to this project yet... We'll see.

See you around,


  1. That Berserker looks great! Very menacing. The paint job is nice and gritty. I especially dig the red you nailed on the armor.
    You have to admit, a whole unit would look pretty solid...

    1. Yes a whole unit would look pretty cool..

      It's kind of embarrassing to mention I had, i think 4-5 others converted and and ready to paint up at the time I did this guy.
      I think they're still sat in a box somewhere in my hobby room along with the parts to build more.

      I think I'll seek them out...

      Thanks for the comment and following, sorry it took a while to reply.


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