Friday, 13 December 2013

Starting a Nurgle Daemon army and a scracth built Beast of Nurgle.

Hi everyone,
I haven't forgotten about the blog. I've been busy with family, friends and roleplay over the last couple of months.

I've done some bits and bobs of hobby work, but nothing that seemed that blog-worthy...
Until now...

Last week I had a friend coming over for a few games of our often waylaid Warhammer escalation that we had started. After looking at my current forces I realised that I wasn't feeling the drive to work on any of them at that time. So I looked through my hobby supplies to see if I could knock together a quick 500pt force of something different. I found some unopened boxes of Deamons, so I grabbed the book off the shelf and came up with this:

:Daemons of Chaos 500pt list:

1 Herald of Nurgle, lvl 1 wizard.
20 Plaguebearers of Nurgle, full command, banner of swiftness.
1 Beast of Nurgle

Here are the Herald and unit the of Daemons:

I know, nothing exciting. They're pretty much stock with a couple of minor conversions. I played around with some textures and stuff on the bases, which I'm hoping to paint in a warped swamp style.

The main problem with my list is that I didn't actually own a Beast of Nurgle. So I had a look through my bits-boxes and scratch built one. For once I remembered to take a few pictures as I worked.

Here are some step-by-step images of how I created my Beast:

1. The armature:
I used a Carnifex head and carapace I had lying in my bits-box. I used a heat-gun (donated to my hobby tools by my lovely other half) to soften and bend the edges of the carapace around the head. Then the pieces were attached to a bent wire, I used tin-foil to build up the bulk of the armature and mounted it all onto a 40mm square base.

2. Fleshing out and main details:
I used a thin skin of green-stuff to bulk out the miniature and to provide a better surface to sculpt over.
Using more spare Tyranid parts, some ammo feeds which I used to create the flesh sacks and tentacles of the beast.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Pathfinder RPG Grey Maiden miniature

My other half forced me to sit down and just paint something, because I haven't painted any miniatures for over 10 months.

So I chose this figure, a Grey Maiden from the Reaper Pathfinder line.

Just something to relax into and blow the dust off.

It's a little rough around the edges, but I'm happy to call it done as tabletop standard.
She may be the first member of a Song of Blades and Heroes warband.

I've had quite a long hobby slump, but I'm trying to combat that.
One of the main reasons is I like to paint socially and so do some of my friends and we're trying to get back into doing our hobby time as a group thing.

The blog has suffered for my lapse and I'm still deciding whether I want to carry it on or to seperate some my interests into another blog. I'm a little OTT when it comes to moving stuff around until it feels right.
I'm organising my hobby space right now and may get back to uploading soon.


Thursday, 29 August 2013

Necromunda Van Saar Gang pic dump

No excuses, it's been far too long since my last post...

I apologise... Life happened.

This post is pretty much going to be a big pic-dump of the images I promised to show in my last post.

At the time I worked on this gang I had been rather ill, I was delirious for about a week at some point during that time and my recollection is a little foggy.

I didn't manage to get my photography set-up sorted out and had to make do snapping a load of shots minutes before the miniatures were picked up. Here are some pictures I deemed good enough to post after going through a lot of really bad ones... Seriously, I took about 150 pics and these were the best I could salvage, the quality is not that brilliant (sorry...).

When I was originally approached to paint the figures I was asked to paint them the same as the ones in the Necromunda book. But to be honest with you, I frickin' hate that lime-green colour scheme. I wanted to paint them to suit their underhive environment, something dark and industrial, not quite camouflage, but near enough.

pic name

pic name
I went for a dark grey for the majority of their body-suits with a grimy industrial yellow for the secondary colour. On a whim I painted the weapons a military drab green because I thought it would tie in with the Van Saar background as mass producers of weaponry for the Imperial armies, I was quite pleased with the look. other details were painted in a leathery brown or gunmetal.

pic name

pic name
The bases have quite a bit going on. Lots of debris/detritus with more chances to paint some more of the yellow accent colour and some orangey rusted parts. I didn't want to have the figure just blend into their bases and thought the additional colour would help them "pop" a little.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

I'm here, just working behind the scenes...

Hello everyone, it's been some time since I put up any hobby articles on the blog.
I apologise for that, but it's been the furthest thing from my mind for some time.

As a bit of a placeholder I'm posting this image from a Necromunda Van Saar gang I did as a commission for a friend:

I worked on this commission around the start of the year but there's just been so much going on I haven't had time to dedicate to any updates.
In my next post I will upload several more images of the above gang and go into a little more detail.

Right now I'm in the process of organising my image folders on my computer. I have been putting it off for a long time, but it seriously needs doing.
I'm also looking into hosting my images elsewhere, I don't think Photobucket is ideal for me. I may just end up using Picasa/Google+ and try to keep all my things/profiles tied together a little better. I'll see how that goes, I don't really know what it's like for ease of use and accessibility when someone wants to browse my albums and such.

So... I shall be back pretty soon once I've made headway with some of this work.

Until then, take care.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Been very busy on multiple hobby fronts

I have various other projects and bits and bobs I'm either working on right now, stuck on, or have just shelved because something else took my fancy...

Here's a rundown of them:

  • I ran an RPG of Vampire the Masquerade several years ago, which the players and I enjoyed very much. I have been asked by those players to go back to it and pick it up from where we left off. So the second season of my Vampire chronicle: Sins of the Father is now in planning, I just need to refresh myself, my notes and write a round-up of season 1.
  • The Pathfinder RPG campaign I am running is on a short hiatus, but instead of being an organise and drop in game, there is a possibility I'll be getting a regular time-slot to run my campaign: Beyond the Wardwall in the near future.
  • I'm still supposed to be writing some articles on my perspective on RPG world creation, creating Gods and some other things.
  • I'm going to prepare some one-shot games with various systems, they probably won't be run anytime soon, but they'll be ready to go when I need them.
  • I'm still working on my veteren guardsman "Freeman" and the short zealot that I posted earlier HERE.
  • I have several other miniatures in various states of conversion right now.
  • I still have a few pieces of terrain to finish that I was working on including the temple I posted HERE
  • I still need to paint the Half Dragon miniature I converted as a gift (now long overdue) for a friend.
  • (half dragon image)
  • I was working on a Night Goblin army for Warhammer, I got about 1000pts painted to tabletop level,but I want to expand it a lot more and improve the paint jobs.
  • (night goblin image)
  • I was also working on an Empire army for Warhammer that was building up through an escalation campaign my friends and I were playing (I can only find the Handgunner suport of my swordsmen right now for some reason...)
  • (handgunner image)
  • For Warhammer 40,000 I was working on a force of Road Warrior inspired Orks.
  • (orks image)

  • I still have many folders of my photography to go through, organise and to upload to my deviantart account.


Like I said...

Busy... And no focus...

So... Bit of audience participation?

If there's anything you'd like to see more of on the blog or any of the above seems interesting, just give me a shout and we'll see...

Reet... I'm knackered... Gonna put my feet up for a spell.

Take care everyone,


Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Inq28 - more work in progress on the veteran guardsman and a zealot priest

Hi guys,
I would have posted pictures yesterday, but I wasn't in the best of moods.

I had a momentary lapse of concentration whilst working at my desk and left my guardsman too near my desk lamp and melted some of the details from down his left hand side.

After much cursing and brooding I didn't do anymore yesterday. But this morning I sat down and fixed all the damage, the main part being a re-sculpt of much of his left arm.

*sigh*... Disaster avoided...

I did a little more work on the Veteran guardsman, I believe he is fully constructed now and just about ready for a lick of paint.

Here he is at the moment:

"Freeman" - construction complete..?

You can see his writ of citizenship upon his belt, a piece I liberated from a larger detailed Ravenwing banner.

He has an Ork skull as a trophy turned shoulder pad and the bionic eye is melded into his pitted and scarred face. Also you can see his left hand is now bionic, I made from a Space Marine hand.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Inq28 - Veteran Guardsman - work in progress

Hey folks,
I'm finally sat back at my hobby table and playing with parts.

I'm in the middle of converting a figure and thought I'd put it up at this stage to show you what I'm up to.

The Figure in Progress

The main body of the figure is a Cadian guardsman with a Catachan guardsman head.

I cut down the lasgun barrel to give it more of an SMG/Carbine look.

There are a couple of watch parts used here, one for an eyepiece of the bionic eye I'm making and the other just for a bit of detail on the lasgun.

I've carved out a portion of his lower face to give me somewhere to glue some cables/pipes and give me a little room for sculpting his battle-scarred face.

The box in the middle of his back was originally a part from the Warhammer Lizardman range, I'm using it as a combined rebreather and power-pack for his bionics, which the cables from his face will run to.

And you can see I've used some beads from a water filter to create a studded shoulder pad.

I've still got more fine details to attach, trophies, holy relics, seals/scrolls, possibly a little wear/damage etc.

The Possible Background

I see him as a veteran Imperial guardsman that after serving several tours of duty and surviving, has earned his writ of citizenship allowing him to return to his homeworld or to go populate a new colony.

But for some reason he has decided to carry on taking the fight to the alien and the mutant (homeworld destroyed/platoon wiped out?) and earned the attention of an inquisitor whom he now follows. He wears his writ on his person as a symbol of his choice to carry on fighting instead of settling down, which has earned him the "nom du guerre" of "Freeman".

Any of these ideas may evolve/change, I'm still toying with ideas as I go and I'm open to suggestions too.

Take care,