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The Club Necromunda Terrain completed.

The Week of Hobby Exhaustion... And a Dwarf...

Completed terrain for the gaming club so far...

Warhammer 40,000 aristocracy... The Birthday Princess

Taking a break to get organised

Homestretch on the forests

Forest bases almost painted

Groundwork on the woods for the club gaming terrain

Terrain Ideas and Sketches

Moss on the club gaming boards complete.

Problems with the Club terrain... And John Blanche has a heavy metal anthem!

A little more work on the club terrain.

Taking a break from my own hobbies to help paint terrain for a local club.

Old paint job, Chaos space Marine.

Another Liebster Nomination!?!

The surliest Ewok in the tribe...

Work in progress on Grom the Paunch

Rolling down from Misty Mountain. . . Grom the Paunch!

Ork Week and Stunty Week completed miniatures