Groundwork on the woods for the club gaming terrain

Hi everyone, I'm posting a little update on the woods I'm working on. At the moment I'm on the slowest part of them, creating the bases.

It's slow mainly due to all the cutting involved, I've ended up rubbing my thumb and index finger raw, in fact my thumb is a strange mix of soreness and numbness, seriously, I haven't been able to feel the tip of my thumb for 2 days now. 

But that's by the by. Once this portion of the work is done, the painting, flocking etc will go very quickly. Here's where I'm at right now:

The Bases:

The materials I'm using to construct the forest bases are cork tiles and self adhesive vinyl tiles.
The vinyl is flexible and tough, but has a tendency to shatter if hit hard or bent too far. The cork is easy to work with, easy to cut, model features and flexible, but can tear easily if handled roughly.

But when stuck together you get the best parts of both, tough, flexible, hard wearing, easy to model features. And the drawbacks of them alone is almost cancelled out when stuck together.

I just quickly drew out some random shapes for the larger forest bases and smaller tree clump bases.

I roughly cut them out with a large pair of scissors (which really hurt after a while).

You can see some of the detail/features I am carving into the bases. possibly going to make small pools of water here and there.

I used a sharp stanley knife to carve a bevel all the way around the bases to make them look neat.
You can see in the above picture the smaller tree clump bases test fit on top of the main forest base.

Once I've got the details I wish to carve into the bases I'll be on to texturing and painting. I'll also be using weed-matting to give the bottom of the terrain a more professional and hard-wearing finish.

I'll see you all again soon with the next update. Until then, take care everybody.