Monday, 28 May 2018

My first White Dwarf and a Chaos Renegade Terminator Centaur

This post is kind of a follow on from my previous one about hobby motivation.

A while back I found myself tired of all the projects I was working on at the time. I was still very much wanting to do something hobby related, just not on anything I already had on the go.

So I decided to treat myself to another quick fun hobby project while my creative drive was buzzing.

I found myself flipping through art books and old magazines for a bit of inspiration, when I happened upon my very first issue of White Dwarf magazine.

Issue 123, March 1990. I do love this issue still, it really was one of the things that pulled me deeper and interested in the miniatures hobby after the release of Heroquest the preceding year. I recognised the Games Workshop logo on the magazine when I was in the newsagents at the bus station. My Grandfather bought me it to keep me occupied during the journey and long wait times.

I was spellbound, Orcs and Goblins, Space Marines, Titan Legions, Waaagh the Orks! This issue probably has a lot to do with my big love of Greenskins. And more importantly there were some absolutely fantastic full colour pages of peoples miniatures that I just couldn't stop poring over.

I may have to write another article that is a complete review of this issue and the wonderful colour pages that enthralled so very much as a child and stayed with me.

but probably most significant to this post, it was the first time I'd ever encountered a word that really stuck with me... Conversion.

This post is regarding specifically the one in the image above. A Chaos Terminator Centaur conversion by Nick Reynolds. I'd always loved it and over the years I'd always wanted to make my own. But for one reason or another I never had.

This was perfect for a quick little project, to finally recreate my own version of a much loved conversion from my youth. Not an exact copy, but something inspired by the concept.

And here's what I managed to do:

When all said and done I really enjoyed this quick project and he lives in my cabinet at the moment. I've not really had any ideas about using him in game.

I'm really happy with how the textures on the armour turned out, the battered leather and the look and colour of the base. I wasn't completely happy with how the sword turned out, but hey. It's all the process. I made this as a bit of fun and overall it came out pretty much how I imagined it, so I'm still happy with the final result.

Until next time, take care.

My Hobby Progress of 2018 and thoughts on hobby motivation

I just read a really interesting article by JB/Asslessman over at his blog Leadplague. The post in question: Hobby mojo or how to make the best of our hobby. I recommend getting your butt over there and reading it and if you don't already follow JB, why not you weirdo?

I guess this is kind of my own personal response to that article.

For a quick summation, in it he discusses hobby motivation, the use of terms like "hobby mojo" and "hobby burnout", in what is essentially a past-time meant for enjoyment. And he mentions how partaking in said hobby is a choice and shouldn't feel like a chore and highlights ways he keeps his motivation going in his own hobby space.

In my comment on the article I mentioned how I believe those terms can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people and what I usually mean by them. After stepping away a combination of the thoughts provoked by that article and that were stirred up after my own comment were still ticking over and I needed to write them down.

I think what that combination did was make me look hard at my own perspective on my hobbies. I do tend to get very critical of my own hobby work and output, which garners me a lot of flak from my partner and friends looking in from the outside.

I had even said on a recent Instagram post I was coming out of a "hobby drought" when I posted a w.i.p. of something. And again this ties to JB's article, but mostly on my negative head-space. Was I really going through a hobby drought? No, not really after thinking about it.

I'd made the choice to put my hobby work on hold to organise and clean up my hobby space (and the blog) so that when it was done I would be able to concentrate more on my hobby projects and get more efficiency out of my work-space.

So why the negativity? Why make it seem I was unable to do hobby work against my wishes when it was me that had made that choice to begin with?

I think the answer to that is, it's all a matter of perspective. If you'd asked me a week ago:
"How is your hobby work/output going?"
I'd have responded:
"Terrible, I've ONLY completed 1 miniature this year and I've done nothing else..."

But... My perspective has changed since reading that article and writing that comment. I looked around me and thought "But I haven't done NOTHING else, that's just blatantly not true, let's make a list of what I've been working on since the beginning of 2018!"

And here is that list:

Miniatures: (all built 2018 unless otherwise noted)

Fully painted:

1 Great Unclean One

Paint in progress:

1 Poxbringer Herald of Nurgle (carried over from 2017)
60 Nurgle Plaguebearers (carried over from 2017, 40 built 2018)
6 Plague Drones of Nurgle (carried over from 2017, 3 built 2018)
9 Nurgling Swarms (carried over from 2017)
1 Tree Monster (carried over from 2017)
1 Beastclaw Huskard on Thundertusk
1 Beastclaw Thundertusk Beastriders
1 Death Guard Plague Surgeon
5 Death Guard Blightlord Terminators
3 Myphitic Blight-Haulers
1 Canoness (carried over from 2017)
10 Sisters of Battle (carried over from 2017)
15 Chaos Cultists (built 2016, pulled out of storage and back into the painting queue)

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Tentacled Beast - A Creature Collaboration

I posted the images of this creature on Instagram and Facebook some time ago.  And I just wanted to go into a little detail of how it came about.

My friend Jess from over at Neon Pink Apokalyse and I, have known each other for somewhere around 25 years or thereabouts.

We met through the hobby at our local Games Workshop store and have been long time opponents and allies on the tabletop and real life... Or something like that... We've traded and gifted miniatures over the years, sometimes whole armies! Just to trade them back again later down the line.

But other than raiding each others bits boxes for choice parts for whatever we were working on at the time, we'd never collaborated or made anything together. And this basically came about out of a mistake purchase.

Jess had been after a Karanak the hound of Khorne and knew that I had been too, so she put some speculative bids on a few on Ebay and ended up with three. One for her, one for me and the last one... :

Jess: "What the heck do I do with this one?"
Me: *looks at it for a few moments* "Well... You could lose the heads, carve off all the Khorne crap and give it a face full of tentacles and just have it as a random beastie..."
Jess: "That sounds awesome! Do you want it?"
Me: "Nah, not really. Not something I really need right now. Why don't you do it?"
Jess: "I'd like to, but I don't think I could pull it off properly..."
Me: "Well... I could do it, pretty simple really... How about I make it, you take it home and paint it for your collection?"
Jess: "Yeah! Alright then!"

And there you go, the really underwhelming moment we agreed on our first miniature collaboration. And here it is:

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Rory's Story Cubes: A great tool for Storytelling, Roleplaying and Wargaming.

Today I received a package I was expectantly waiting for. And as I was giddily opening it up like Christmas come early, I realised I hadn't talked about these on the blog before.

The items in question are Rory's Story Cubes which are basically, sets of dice with simple images on the faces used as inspirational prompts in a game of storytelling.

I can see that look on your face, but look at the title of this post once again and once we get to the end I'll have tried my best to make these points.

But first...

What I got in the post:

In my little parcel I got 3 of the "Rory's Story Cube: Mix" sets which are little themed expansions. And the Collector's Box to house all my cubes.

Which meant I could finally get rid of these little blighters, because I was forever knocking them off my shelves in a cascade!

All the collection so far, in one place, easy to transport and to store on my board game shelves, lovely. And there's space left for the last 3 Mix sets which are coming sometime during 2018 to complete the box.

This box is a really nice addition to the collection, you can see that all the cubes are organised by various themes. The orange set in the centre is the original core box and we'll be using these later in the post. 

How do you play? :

As I stated above, the cubes are used as inspirational story prompts. At it's most basic you look at the image on the cube and it's like word association, whatever word/s pop into your head you use to string together a narrative.

It doesn't have to be exactly what you see on the face, but what the image inspires by association. I grabbed a couple at random as a quick example.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

A quick update on the blog and my new hobby space.

As the title suggests this is just a quick update on the state of my clean-up/update of the blog and my personal hobby space... Well... since these two things have been going on hand-in-hand.

The Blog:
I had to delete a lot of old articles for various reasons, I think a rough estimate is somewhere between 30-40 posts gone. Some were just really outdated or I didn't like them anymore after reading them. Others I lost all the images for, because they weren't backed up online or were on old phones/hard drives that died a death some while ago.

I believe that I've managed to fix all of the broken images from my early posts that remain, not sure about links on all these posts unfortunately. I've spent the last month or so going through old hard drives and SD cards and organising all my hobby images properly for backing up safely and uploading etc.

The benefit of this is I have found quite a lot of things I never posted up before, so they will be going up in their own articles soon. Along with some of the things I've posted on Instagram over the last year which I want to write articles about to flesh out exactly what I'm doing with those projects better than I can on that type of media.

Hobby Room:
As you may already know from earlier posts, I had to move house rather quickly at the end of last year. A lot of my time has been spent unpacking, cleaning, organising, downsizing belongings to fit into our new home.

And my family's comfort came first so my hobby room was put off until last. I've finally been able to get to grips with it and go through the same process as the rest of the house, unpacking, cleaning, organising, downsizing etc. But I'm finally a bit more comfortable in my new hobby space in the cellar:

My working area over by the window, with plenty of light, ventilation and lots of space for all my paints, tools and my airbrush station.
Organised tubs of miniature parts, tubs of metal figures and basing materials on shelves in the alcove behind me.

Space for all my games, books and other assorted hobby gaming paraphernalia.
And I'm happy with the open space so it feels less claustrophobic down here.