A quick update on the blog and my new hobby space.

As the title suggests this is just a quick update on the state of my clean-up/update of the blog and my personal hobby space... Well... since these two things have been going on hand-in-hand.

The Blog:
I had to delete a lot of old articles for various reasons, I think a rough estimate is somewhere between 30-40 posts gone. Some were just really outdated or I didn't like them anymore after reading them. Others I lost all the images for, because they weren't backed up online or were on old phones/hard drives that died a death some while ago.

I believe that I've managed to fix all of the broken images from my early posts that remain, not sure about links on all these posts unfortunately. I've spent the last month or so going through old hard drives and SD cards and organising all my hobby images properly for backing up safely and uploading etc.

The benefit of this is I have found quite a lot of things I never posted up before, so they will be going up in their own articles soon. Along with some of the things I've posted on Instagram over the last year which I want to write articles about to flesh out exactly what I'm doing with those projects better than I can on that type of media.

Hobby Room:
As you may already know from earlier posts, I had to move house rather quickly at the end of last year. A lot of my time has been spent unpacking, cleaning, organising, downsizing belongings to fit into our new home.

And my family's comfort came first so my hobby room was put off until last. I've finally been able to get to grips with it and go through the same process as the rest of the house, unpacking, cleaning, organising, downsizing etc. But I'm finally a bit more comfortable in my new hobby space in the cellar:

My working area over by the window, with plenty of light, ventilation and lots of space for all my paints, tools and my airbrush station.
Organised tubs of miniature parts, tubs of metal figures and basing materials on shelves in the alcove behind me.

Space for all my games, books and other assorted hobby gaming paraphernalia.
And I'm happy with the open space so it feels less claustrophobic down here. 

Plenty of floor space to set up a 6x4 table for my general gaming needs.
I can even set up 8x4 of space with a minimum of fuss if I need to.

Those shelves at the back-left (there's 2) will be getting populated with my terrain as it's completed.
And behind that little cabinet is a set of 6 folding chairs for my RPG/Gaming buddies when they visit.

Just to the left of the terrain shelves I have a little nook that goes under the stairs.
The perfect space to store all my hobby and terrain supplies out of the way.
It extends about 8' under the stairs, that's where my polystyrene sheets and loose materials live.

So mostly organised except for some small things, but my hobby space is pretty much fully functional now. And not a minute too soon, the stress of organising it was driving me nuts...

So... Projects...

Although I left the blog in an apparent limbo for quite some time, I was still working on quite a few things. I just didn't have the drive to write about them and but for the odd post on Instagram and Facebook my social media was... Well dead really. But here's a look at some of the things I've got lying around:

With space being a premium I've started organising bigger projects into their own project boxes. They get stored in the hobby nook under the stairs but can be pulled out quite easily.
I'll be buying foam trays to put in so that the boxes will double as storage once figures are built and painted. You might be able to spot a few things I haven't even mentioned before that will come up in future posts.

Games I haven't even played yet, plus all my Rogue trader/40k 2nd ed and specialist games,
so many things i want to play :(

I popped the top on one to give you a peek. Clan Pestilens for my ever growing Nurgle horde.
Speaking of which:

I'm using my glass cabinet more as a "working projects" space right now.
There's a decidedly large Nurgle bias going on in there. 

Plus a few other projects I keep nibbling at and dipping into...
Actually there's probably quite a few things in there i haven't shared on the blog yet, consider this a sneak peek ;)

That's where I am at the minute. I'm pretty much playing catch-up right now with the blog. There'll be some posts to follow shortly of things I worked on over the last year or so. At least now the images are organised and the hobby room is done it should be a whole lot easier to get back on track.

I hope there's something in there you're looking forward to seeing, I'll be back soon once I get some of these posts written up.

Until then, take care.


  1. Very cool bud and I'm jealous of your hobby space and a few of your projects *Mutters*. Sure you don't wanna move down south and get some gaming against me heh.

    1. Mate, I'd do it in a heartbeat to get some fun gaming in :) The missus not so much lol.

      The problem with getting a hobby room sorted out, but no regular gaming to speak of, is you kind of get that "all dressed up and nowhere to go" feeling...

      I've started getting out to the local GW semi regularly. But it's not really the same as having good friends around, maybe a couple of drinks and having a blast playing fun games all day.

      Want to get some Necromunda and Blood Bowl figures finished. Then I've got another day I can possibly get to my local GW too.

  2. Man, where did you get supports for additional shelves in IKEA's display case?
    Is that kickstarter thing?

    1. I got the brackets from Mr Helliwell's ebay store HERE They're 3d printed little ledges that attach to the corner bars, 4 per shelf. Surprisingly strong for what they are. You have to jig them around a bit to get your shelves level. Or you could do a better job measuring and marking properly, I just eyeballed it.

      And I had to shop around to get some custom cut perspex shelves, which i procured from HERE . It may be worth shopping around or looking in your local area for shelves, whether you prefer perspex or glass is up to you really. Or even getting a large perspex sheet and cutting it yourself if you have the know-wotz.

      All in all it cost around as much as a whole other Detolf cabinet, I fitted out 2, mine and my partners. But it is a better use of the space inside for miniatures and means not having to take up space in your hobby room with a whole other cabinet.

    2. Thanks you mate!

      I didn't even have any idea what to google to find it ;-)


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