Sunday, 18 November 2012

Khorne Berzerker : army concept figure

A few years ago I converted and painted this is a miniature with an eye toward doing an entire Khorne Chaos Space Marine army, possibly World Eaters.

Unfortunately it never went further, I had a hobby slump of a couple of years and never went back to it.

I still like the miniature, even though I can see rough spots that I could do better now.

He just sits up on my shelf looking at me now, a lone berzerker....


I may go back to this project yet... We'll see.

See you around,

Gaming Terrain : Field Stone Wall Sections

I'm getting around to populating my tabletop with some terrain I've had on a back burner for a while.

Soon I'm hoping that there will be no more "counts as" props for landmarks on the battlefield.

I actually made these wall sections a months ago, but I've only just got around to painting and flocking them.

The wall sections are each 6" inches long, in Warhammer you roll for D3 6" obstacles on terrain set-up.

These wall sections are pretty versatile for table set-up. Whether it is for wargaming or roleplay. They can be random obstacles and line-of-sight blockers, or placed to make larger terrain like gardens and pastures alongside any buildings and other terrain is placed on the board.

Here's a scale shot of them, I just grabbed a nearby miniature to illustrate it. As you can see, the walls come to slightly higher than waist height on a 28mm miniature, but the process of making them could be modified for different scales very easily.

Since I made these before I started the blog there weren't any work in progress shots of their construction, but I'm planning on rectifying that.

I want many more obstacles of different types, so I will take pictures as I go and post them as future tutorials, so watch this space.

Take care everyone,

Monday, 12 November 2012

Stripping my realm of battle gameboards...

Hi everyone, the stomach bug seems to be abating, so I can finish editing some of my articles and get back to normal...

Well... As normal as I ever get to be...

I recently found out that static grass aggravates my allergies leaving me very sore in the throat, nose and eyes.

Now that's a bit of a problem considering that much of the terrain I still have has it on there, including my Realm of Battle gameboards and the stuff tends to shed.

So a few days ago I decided to do something about it...

I quickly popped out to the supermarket to buy a cheap scrubbing brush. And as soon as I got back home I strapped on a dust mask, welding goggles, grabbed my brush, grabbed a couple of small tea strainers and put on my slippers...

(Don't look at me like that... we have tiled floors in the bathroom and my feet get cold...)

Then looking like a strange cross between Mr Muscle and a fat road warrior, I took my Realm of Battle boards into the bathroom to face their fates.

How I went about stripping the boards:

1. First I placed the smallest tea strainer over the plug hole to capture the static grass and avoid blocking the plumbing.

2. I worked one board at a time just placing them in the bathtub on an angle to have the water run down.