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Forge World Chaos Warpfire Dragon

Huffing and panting the small ragged group of survivors tumbled filth covered and exhausted into the dusk shrouded ruin. Wordlessly they hunkered down, kicking aside rocks for what little comfort the bare ground would provide in this paltry shelter before their flight would continue on once more.
They huddled together to share body warmth and despite the terror and adrenaline, they fell into restless sleep in mere moments...


Sigen's eyes snapped open and he gasped aloud. It was full dark now, but he could hear the others fitfully whispering to each other. That was no nightmare.

He caught sight of one of the others by the edge of the ruin looking out into the night and cautiously crept alongside.

“What is it Brogg? Is it the Dark Kin, the Reavers?” he whispered urgently trying to look out on the horizon.

“No...” Brogg answered hoarsely, “I have spied all around, there is no movement out there in the wastes this night...We lost them leagues ago!”

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