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Blog update! And a question about the Golden Throne diorama...

Blog Update:
Hello everyone, it's been a while since I updated the blog... My apologies, not gonna make excuses. Just had a lot of other things going on in my hobby time and spending more quality time with the kids over the summer holidays.

But I finally got around to finishing off all the posts I had sitting around in draft-limbo, that I had previously mentioned on the post with the sneak peek of the almost finished Golden Throne diorama, more on that later in this post...

I apologise for my wave of posts that probably gummed up your blog feeds, but I wanted to get them all written and dealt with while I still had the drive to do so.

Also it seems I had done goofed somewhere down the line, while editing the posts I noticed that I had deleted my hobby tips page without a back-up. I still had them backed up in the old school way of images and a text doc in folders, so I went about rewriting them. I've tried to backdate them when the images were first taken and hoping they appea…

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