It's only my blog's 10th Anniversary!

Wow... Well... That kind of snuck up on me.

I realised only recently that my blog's 10th anniversary was coming up and had no idea if I was even going to bother posting anything about it, or just let it pass in silence.

But I think that would be a bit of a shame and missed opportunity too.

I sit writing this in literally the last hour before midnight before the anniversary ends, still with no clue what to write about; so I'm just going to stream of thought this bad boy and see where we go.

Giant Necromundan Sump Spider

"Call me Kruknek, the Outcast, only survivor - may the gods forgive me - of that ill-fated slimedrifter Hydra.

It seems now a lifetime ago since we set out on the toxic sump deep in the black heart of the hive to hunt the savage Raft Spiders of the underworld..."

Hi everybody, back again and with yet another denizen of the deepest bowels of the underhive.

That little snippet above is from one of my all time favourite pieces of short 40k narrative from way back in the original Necromunda game. A story about spider "whalers", that was basically a barely re-skinned retelling of Moby Dick in the 40k universe. But still a wonderful read and glimpse into the storytelling possibilities of the setting.

I loved that story and would read it over and over, imagining how awesome it would be to try to play that as a game. And I always wanted to create a Giant Sump Spider one day... Well that day finally came:
necromunda giant spider conversion inq28 blanchitsu 40k

Mutant Sump Stalker

 "The fate of the twist, the mutant, is an unfortunate and pitiful one... It is not through pure cruelty and malice that they are hounded so, but mere necessity.

Some, like those with psychic potential or minor physical anomalies are tested and sanctioned and put to greater use for the benefit of the whole Imperium.

Those wretches that show greater deviation from the physical purity of mankind, may still be offered the grace of lesser sanctioning, sterilised and put to use in mass work-gangs, paying for the mercy they have been granted with lifelong toil...

But then there are the others...

Creatures vile, corrupt and dangerous. They have evolved from the same gene-pool of humanity, but are no longer part of it. Powerful, predatory, animalistic... Sometimes they stabilise, breed true...

And we cannot allow that blasphemy to go unpunished..."

necromunda blanchitsu Inq28 conversion mutant warhammer 40k

The Emperor on Golden Throne - Gallery Images

Hi everyone, this post is a collection of some of the better images I took of the emperor on Golden Throne diorama. 

I wanted to post them all in one place so that those who wish to have a look around the whole piece can find it all in one place.

I hope you enjoy.
The Emperor on Golden Throne

Emperor Golden Throne Warhammer 40k Blanchitsu Grimdark conversion diorama gallery

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