The Emperor of Mankind - (almost finished)

I have let the blog slip by the wayside yet again... But I haven't been completely inactive.

I was going through a bit of a down period mentally and creatively. But I threw myself into a couple of challenges to get the fires going again.

Consider this, the picture of my latest project from the #GrimDarkCards challenge, a place-holder until I've rested my mind and can finish writing up some of the posts I've left in their Half-written limbo:

warhammer 40k Emperor conversion blanchitsu

I intend on writing up some of my recent projects I've been working on, so if that interests you at all. I should be back shortly... Maybe... I'm getting really bad at this blogging malarkey :D

Until then, take care.

Forge World Chaos Warpfire Dragon

Huffing and panting the small ragged group of survivors tumbled filth covered and exhausted into the dusk shrouded ruin. Wordlessly they hunkered down, kicking aside rocks for what little comfort the bare ground would provide in this paltry shelter before their flight would continue on once more.

They huddled together to share body warmth and despite the terror and adrenaline, they fell into restless sleep in mere moments...


Sigen's eyes snapped open and he gasped aloud. It was full dark now, but he could hear the others fitfully whispering to each other. That was no nightmare.

He caught sight of one of the others by the edge of the ruin looking out into the night and cautiously crept alongside.

“What is it Brogg? Is it the Dark Kin, the Reavers?” he whispered urgently trying to look out on the horizon.

“No...” Brogg answered hoarsely, “I have spied all around, there is no movement out there in the wastes this night...We lost them leagues ago!”


The pair flinched in terror. “Then what is that? Some hunting beast? Have they found us!?!”

Brogg opened his mouth to respond, but before a word got out they were knocked tumbling back into the rest of the group by a ground shaking impact and a forceful wall of wind. Sigen heard the others begin to cry and panic, clawing at the wall behind them that once offered a measure of safety, but now formed the trap that held them.

As his head cleared from the dizzying impact, Sigen could see a looming shape through the settling dust, something monstrous and covered in horny spines and hear the beating of huge leathery wings. A sinuously serpentine neck twisted around the broken pillar at the edge of the ruin, the hideous creature eyed them all hungrily.

The light of the unnaturally coloured flames that were licking and dripping from the open maw of the beast was amplified by the its strangely iridescent scales lighting up the whole space between them. The creature began to make a loud sound akin to a sucking yawn, like the intake of air into a great bellows.

Sigen's eyes darted around the cracked floor of the ruin, at what the group had first taken to be small rocks and boulders, dozens of dark sockets staring back at them mockingly.

He kicked his legs in a panic trying to get to his feet screaming “By the Gods! We're in it's nest! Everybody get ou....”

In a great roaring woosh of multi-hued flame Sigen was instantly silenced just like the cries of his companions.

Their lives had been snuffed out like candles in the wind and the dragon threw back it's horned head, shrieking its victory into the skies.

Warpfire Dragon Chaos Forge World
Warpfire Dragon Chaos Forge World
Warpfire Dragon Chaos Forge World

Final post of 2018 - First post of 2019 - hobby and resolution round-up

So here it is, the end of another year...

I spent my New Years Eve playing board games with the missus and my youngest kids. Now that the evening is winding down I decided to have a couple of drinks and throw some words up onto the blog.

I thought I'd leave it with a bit of a hobby round-up but... Well to be perfectly honest this year has been a little weak for me on the hobby front as far as completed projects go.

But I can do a little round-up of how my hobby resolutions turned out:

Maggotkin of Nurgle: 2nd Plaguebearer unit complete

Just a quick post this time. Hot on the heels of the last post I have finished my 2nd unit of Plaguebearers for my Maggotkin of Nurgle army.

There's two champions. One is for the previous unit because I had a bit of  mix up... Doh!

I just thought I'd leave a run down of what I have left to do to complete this force:

  • 1 Poxbringer Herald: Banner, a few details to paint, basing.
  • 20 Plaguebearers: Several details to paint, blood/pus, rust/oxidisation, basing.
  • 9 Nurgling Swarms: Highlights, a few minor details, basing.
  • 6 Plague Drones: Wings to paint, few minor detail washes, rust/oxidisation, basing.

So they're all very near completion now. I'll keep pecking away at them but take breaks to work on other things to keep myself interested/motivated.

I think I want to get back to texturing my Necromunda terrain so I can then see how the sealing went when it comes to priming.

I'm also kind of chomping at the bit to get on with my Assassinorum set... We'll see what I end up doing soon.

Until next time, take care.

Maggotkin of Nurgle: 1st Plaguebearer unit complete

I've had enough of a break from painting now I think, and my pile of constructed hobby projects really knows about it!

So I've gone back to put some work into my Daemons of Nurgle. These were the Plaguebearers I used to first try out my airbrush way back here. I added another ten and the bases have been updated to match my recent Great Unclean One

Much happier with the look of the bases now.

My rotten little friends are starting to look really nice together.

I've updated my current Project Log and will be spending a bit more time getting the rest of the army finished.

I still have 1 Poxbringer Herald, 40 Plaguebearers, 6 Plague drones and 9 Nurgling Swarms for this chunk of the army. Somewhere in the region of 2000+ pts.

They are all literally near the finish post, I just got tired of production line painting the whole army; so I've broken it down to the individual units and will finish one at a time.

At that point I'll be leaving the Daemons alone and possibly starting on another chunk of my Maggotkin army. I've been building them to be stand alone forces that together will give me a large diseased legion.

But what next, when the Daemons are complete? Nurgle Mortals or Clan Pestilens skaven?

Do I take a break from Nurgle and work on something else?

I'm not sure, what do you think?

Well there's plenty of time to think about that, I'm getting back to my next 20 Plageubearers.

Until next time, take care.