Tentacled Beast - A Creature Collaboration

I posted the images of this creature on Instagram and Facebook some time ago.  And I just wanted to go into a little detail of how it came about.

My friend Jess from over at Neon Pink Apokalyse and I, have known each other for somewhere around 25 years or thereabouts.

We met through the hobby at our local Games Workshop store and have been long time opponents and allies on the tabletop and real life... Or something like that... We've traded and gifted miniatures over the years, sometimes whole armies! Just to trade them back again later down the line.

But other than raiding each others bits boxes for choice parts for whatever we were working on at the time, we'd never collaborated or made anything together. And this basically came about out of a mistake purchase.

Jess had been after a Karanak the hound of Khorne and knew that I had been too, so she put some speculative bids on a few on Ebay and ended up with three. One for her, one for me and the last one... :

Jess: "What the heck do I do with this one?"
Me: *looks at it for a few moments* "Well... You could lose the heads, carve off all the Khorne crap and give it a face full of tentacles and just have it as a random beastie..."
Jess: "That sounds awesome! Do you want it?"
Me: "Nah, not really. Not something I really need right now. Why don't you do it?"
Jess: "I'd like to, but I don't think I could pull it off properly..."
Me: "Well... I could do it, pretty simple really... How about I make it, you take it home and paint it for your collection?"
Jess: "Yeah! Alright then!"

And there you go, the really underwhelming moment we agreed on our first miniature collaboration. And here it is:

So... I did my bit. Now the ball's in Jess' court to get it painted. I know she's busy with a lot of music production at the moment and was fixing up the blog after losing a lot of old articles/images much like I did recently. So it might be a while before it get's done.

But when the time comes I'm pretty sure it will be posted up either on the blog :here: or on Instagram :here:.

Bonus Content:

Turns out I found the images of making the beast, so I can run through the simple creation of that here for those that are interested.

Jess came around to visit the family and stay the night.

Jess: "Hey did you make that tentacle creature we were talking about?"
Me: "Erm.... Nope... Be right back."

So I pulled out my pot of pre-made tentacles. seriously, get into the habit of doing this. Any spare greenstuff you've got after sculpting anything else, just make up tentacles, cables, mushrooms, any random thing to use the putty instead of wasting it and it'll come in handy down the line.

With the really advanced technique of sticking a big blob of Blu-tac to the front and and ramming a bunch of tentacles into it until I was pleased with the look and effect.

"Raaargh! tentacle face!" I took these last two pictures so that I'd kind of remember the look I wanted after removing the Blu-tac and a-fixing the said tentacles with a 50/50 mix of Greenstuff and Apoxie Sculpt

That same putty mix was used for blending them into the body and adding more detail. followed by various textured paints for more detail on the skin where I'd cut away the Khorne symbols.

"Raaargh! blurry pic"

A quick cork base, super-glued gravel and more texture paint to finish off.

With a judicious use of a plastic tub and an electric heater, the creature was dry and finished in about an hour.

I primed it too the next day before Jess took the little blighter home.

That was it, just a quick fun little project with a friend.

Until next time, take care.


  1. Jessica Grant/neonpinkapokalypse26 May 2018 at 18:09

    Guess I should get to painting it soon!

    1. I'm really looking forward to seeing it complete!


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