Old paint job, Chaos space Marine.

I was around at my friend Jess' house yesterday as we were picking her up to come for our weekly gaming group gathering.

She reminded me that I was also going to be picking up some of my old Warhammer 40k 2nd edition Chaos Space Marines that I'd given her years back.

They've been painted, stripped and allsorts over the years except this guy:

One of my original Word Bearers, he was one that was surplus to my needs at the time and never got fully finished and just sort of got boxed up and forgotten. You can see he's been knocked about and there's a bit of paint chipping in places.

I was really proud of the "lava" effect on the pauldron back when I did it. He was pretty much at the point where I was about to highlight the armour and base him.

Off the top of my head, my old colour palette for these was:

  • Chaos black undercoat
  • The armour was Crimson gore base colour highlighted up to blood red (one layer, no blending)
  • The metals were Boltgun metal with a Mithral silver drybrush
  • The skulls, bones, horns were Bleached bone, covered in flesh wash. Then highlighted with Bleached bone and Skull white.
  • The pauldron was painted Blood red, Chaos black was used to paint the cracked lava, the edges of the lava were highlighted with Elf grey and I painted dots of Skull white at the lava intersections to simulate glow
  • I think the bases still used the tried and tested paint Goblin green and glue on green flock that was the mainstay of that period.

I've got a massive grin on my face after remembering all that... Good times were had with that army :)

Although not technically complete this might be the oldest example of one of my paintjobs. After a quick search through my old White dwarf mags I found the 2nd edition Chaos Codex was released in July of 1996 and these chaos marines were a part of that launch, so that would have made me 15 years old when I did them.

When I do get around to painting these again he may very well end up stripped and re-painted and see a battlefield once more... Even though part of me just wants to leave him alone...

So...  Does anybody else have one of their oldest paintjobs kicking around that you'd like to show everybody?

I'd get a kick out of seeing whatever you come up with.

Until then, take care.



  1. So nice to see this one! I also painted him when he was released but he got stripped last summer. I've just primed and started highlights on him and a whole bunch of 2nd ed marines. I hope to have a unit of each period at least (though it should end up in hundreds of units of each).
    I'm really pissed to have forgotten to take pics of all those all piantjobs of old. I stripped them like a maniac even though I'm not painting them anywhere near in the future...

    Well, that's the way it is.

    The lava effect was something to ba proud of I have to say.

    1. I was intending to repaint them as Black Legion, because I still have an Abaddon lying around somewhere. But I'm really tempted to just update the old Word Bearers.


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