Problems with the Club terrain... And John Blanche has a heavy metal anthem!

A quick run-down of the last couple of days

The moss effect didn't turn out as I wanted on the Realm of Battle boards, well actually that's incorrect. It turned out PERFECTLY on the first board. but on the other 5 it didn't work at all... Bugger...

Oh well, it's a set-back, but not an insurmountable one. Back to good old flock for the moss, I'll just have to use some varnish to make it a little more hard-wearing...

I didn't take pictures of the screw-up... I couldn't... I just walked away to take a breather for a bit...

Also, family dramas have impeded my hobby work... I've not made any significant progress in the last day or so due to difficult times on the home front... I love my kids deeply and wholeheartedly, but they truly are the greatest font of joy and anxiety imaginable...

On a lighter note I did find this that made me smile, John Blanche has a Heavy Metal Theme Song :D

Unicode - John Blanche, Warhammer

I'm just going to replenish my energy reserves before putting my nose to the hobby grindstone again.

See you soon folks, take care.


  1. Bad luck with the boards, but I'm sure you can fix the yeah, they just stress you out continuously (apparently forever) , but all we can do is our best for the little darlings. Great tribute to JB.

    1. I was seething after the mistake, but it hasn't turned out that bad after I calmed down and went back to it.

      My little goblins just seem to find more and more things to stress me out. It's like an arms race, when one finds they've hit a high point, another sets the bar higher.

      Little gits, lol.

  2. Our hobby comes with moments of triumph and moments of failure. I guess it's th elatter that make the worth of the former
    Children, greatest font of joy and anxiety, I couldn't have said that better... I guess only things we really like matter...

    Lots of positive energy for you Jonah.

    1. Yeah, when you put time and energy into creating something, sometimes those mistakes hit you hard. But taking a break and coming back helps to look at it objectively.

      My little terrors mean the world to me. The stress is terrible. But I couldn't imagine life without them :)


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