Another Liebster Nomination!?!

This is my second Liebster nomination, Jordan Lee over at Paints, Pencils and Plastics did me the honour this time around. So share the love people, click on the link and check out a blog laden with creativity that I'm looking forward to seeing more from.
Also... Apologies to Jordan for taking my sweet time in getting around to doing this.

The Liebsters have been doing the rounds on many of the blogs I follow and I really didn't expect to get nominated again so soon after the last one. But it does give me the chance to share some more links to some great blogs.

You're probably used to the format of these by now, but I'll recount the instructions for any that haven't seen one of these yet.

It's a bit of an internet handshake or pat on the back. With the aim of spreading the word on interesting blogs and directing traffic to each other and hopefully expanding the community.

Liebster Award Instructions:

  • Link back to the blogger that nominated you
  • Reveal 11 truths about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions written  for you by the person that nominated you
  • Choose 11 other blogs that have less than 200 followers to be nominated next
  • Write 11 questions for these new nominees to answer
  • leave a comment on the nominees blog or message them to make them aware of the nomination
So now that's out of the way, I'll get right to it :)

11 Truths to reveal:

  1. I love thrift stores and charity shops, I find it hard to stop myself from perusing them searching all the nooks and crannies looking for random treasures. (I'm getting better at not buying every little curio that intrigues me now though...)
  2. I recently watched an episode of Adventure Time where the Ice King was trying to join Marceline the vampire's band. But the "lyrics" he had written turned out to be journal entries written to her from their old life together centuries before. There was a flashback scene where the Ice King used the crown that was slowly destroying his sanity/mind to defend a then young Marceline against a horde of mutants all the while he was singing the theme song from Cheers while trying to hang on to his memories/mind. I cried :(
  3. I wear army boots pretty much all the time, I tend to walk any other footwear to death within a very short period. 
  4. I swing between being really OCD about having to have everything in it's right place and being really organised. And living at what looks to have been the epicenter of an explosion.
  5. I lack focus, daydream and procrastinate way too much.
  6. I like growing a beard from time to time. My other half hates it with a vengeance. I probably enjoy that more than I really should.
  7. My favourite colour is Yellow. Which some find strange.
  8. I'm an optimistic pessimist. I expect everything I ever do or witness to go wrong, then I feel pleasantly surprised when they don't, or justified when they do ;p
  9. I've recently got hooked on comics/graphic novels again for the first time in about 15-20 years.
  10. In the last Liebster truths I said The Lost Boys was my favourite movie of all time. That wasn't the whole truth. I love Labyrinth pretty much on par and watch it almost as much.
  11. My middle name is Elvis. And no, I am not embarrassed by it.

11 Questions from Jordan Lee:

1: What is your favourite food?
Gammon steak, with pineapple, fried egg, garden peas, mash/chips, a little french mustard on the side and some garlic bread... Very specific I know, but I love it... Damn it now I'm hungry...

2: What was the first model you painted?
I think it was a Space Ork Nobz Warbike for Warhammer 40,000. Tried to copy the Eavy metal paintjob of Evil Sunz.

3: How did you get into your miniatures hobby?
I think I can pinpoint Heroquest as my first steps in, but I kind of knew about RPG's and miniatures from before that I think...

4: What is your favourite book?
Now that is a damn hard question, I'm not sure I can answer this. But I can give you a quick list of the first ones that just popped into my head:
The Hobbit - JRR Tolkien
The Sword of Shannara - Terry Brooks
Lost Souls - Poppy Z Brite
The Lost Boys - Craig Shaw Gardner
Soul Music - Terry Pratchett
Interview With a Vampire - Anne Rice
Nevernever - Will Shetterly
Great Expectations - Charles Dickens
The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon - Stephen King

I'm gonna stop there because more and more are just appearing...

Actually, just realised. If I could say an RPG book: Vampire the Masquerade 2nd edition, hands down.

5: If you could choose any fantasy/sci-fi race to be, what would it be?
Vampire... Or Dragon... Probably would end up an Orc though :p

6: Do you have any other interesting hobbies besides collecting miniatures?
I read a lot, but buy more novels/graphic novels/gaming books than I can keep up with.
I've dipped in and out of art and creative writing over the course of my lifetime, I would like to get back into those again sometime soon.
Photography used to be one of my big past-times, not so much recently.
I play RPG's with my friends usually once a week when we have a campaign on the go, more if we can fit it in.

I collect random knick-knacks that interest me, like wooden boxes and other curios.

7: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
I would like the drive I used to have. I used to lift weights, party, socialise and get on with an awful lot of my interests. Now I can't seem to do half of that.

8: If you could pick ONE model to paint/convert/have, what would it be?
The Citadel Great Spined Dragon by Nick Bibby... It is my number one miniature hobby dream to own one.

9: What's your most prized possession?
My imagination... Everything else is just material, that can be bought, sold, lost, broken... But with my imagination I can always create something new from nothing...

10: If you were to travel to the Chaos Wastes/The Warp, what one item would you bring with you?
Hmmmm... Maybe a journal/sketchbook... There would be an awful lot of interesting things to record...

11: Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?
Most certainly ;)

"Never rub another mans rhubarb..." - The Joker

11 Blogs nominated:

As before this was a difficult task. Some of these are blogs that just missed the cut on my last nominations and others I made a long list and let the dice fall. I've tried to make sure I'm not just fulfilling the criteria of Liebster award, but I also aimed to find blogs that haven't been nominated or if they have not that recently.

Congratulations, as ever this is a bit of a nod to your blogs and it is up to you whether you want to take part at all. If you do, just follow the instructions. If you don't... Don't... :)

11 Questions for my nominees:

  1. What attracted you to your hobby?
  2. What hobby goal would you like to achieve?
  3. Do you have an interesting/amusing hobby anecdote to share?
  4. What was the last book you read?
  5. What inspires you most?
  6. What finished piece are you most proud of?
  7. Your desert island discs, 5 albums, what are they?
  8. How would you spend your days if you didn't have to worry about money/career?
  9. What is your pet peeve?
  10. Do you have a favourite historical period?
  11. What fantasy world/setting would you most like to experience first hand?

So that's another lot of Liebster nominations doing the rounds. I have many more awesome blogs in my feed. Have a glance and discover something new.

I'll get n with contacting the blog owners when I'm not as tired.

That's enough from me, take care everybody.


  1. Cheers for the nomination. I've put up my answer to the questions on my blog.



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