Moss on the club gaming boards complete.

Hi everyone, hope you're all keeping well :)
This is just a quick update on the progress of the Realm of battle board. All things considered I've got past the mess up the other day.

To make the moss effect on the rocky areas of the board I simply used Woodlands Scenics fine turf (Green Grass and Burnt Grass), nothing ground-breaking, just glued in random patches using P.V.A.

I really like the final result of this ground cover, it has a really nice texture and nice to work with too. Unlike flock which is usually made with fine sawdust, this stuff is made up of a ground foam. This is my first experience of it and I know I prefer it already.

I think the boards have turned out nicely, I'm still pondering whether to fill those skull pits and some of the deeper crevices with realistic water resin. I'm being a bit indecisive, somebody nudge me and give me your thoughts.

But the boards are pretty much done, I'm starting to work on the forests and scatter terrain.

See you soon with the next update. Take care everybody.


  1. I think filling it with some sort of murky stagnant water would be a great addition! It would explain the growth around the areas and would definitely compliment what you've already achieved! :) These boards look amazing and are really inspiring me to make some of my own. o7 Good job, Stygian!

    1. I was considering tinting the resin with a green/brown and possibly using some of the GW special effect paint Nurgle's Rot around the edges for algae.

      I'm just looking around the net for tips on tinting the realistic water. I'm going to do a small test piece first to be sure.


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