Taking a break to get organised

Hi everyone, hope you're all well.

I'm taking a breather from the terrain making today to get some much needed organising of my hobby supplies and work-space done. When I'm working on a lot of things at once (like the terrain project) my hobby room starts to look like a disaster area:

The stack paste tables with terrain pieces drying/stored.

My hobby area/PC desk swamped by detritus all around from the project.

Boxes of "stuff" to sort out and store. behind these boxes are my cupboards where all my unopened miniatures live, so I need to get it shifted.

I was going to sit and paint to relax but one look at my table said there was no way that was happening right now.

I've still got box after box of parts to get organised too... *sigh*.

Well it gives me a chance to sort out all my bits and bobs and recent purchases etc. Including a little something I got a short while ago

JB also known as Asslessman contacted me on Facebook asking if I had some parts to spare for a project. I sent him some of the bits he was looking for and added some more that I thought may be useful for his project too. He asked what I wanted in return, I gave him a list of projects I have on the go and he sent me some parts I may find useful:

Some awesome little bits there. Greater Daemon/Nurgle Beast/Daemon prince heads, banners. High Elf chariot parts, various weapons, pauldrons and decorative bits for Dark Angels and some chaos warrior parts. A couple of Nurglings Gnoblars and a sad looking imprisoned Goblin. Thanks JB ;)

Random bits and bobs are awesome to have around for conversions etc. We joked about us playing spot the bits when we get our projects underway. And I thought why not make a game of it. I'm keeping the parts JB sent in their own little bits box, whenever I use a part from it in future conversions I'm going to put the tag "AsslessBits" on it for a laugh.

I'm going to be knee deep in miniature parts for the rest of the evening. I really need to find a way to keep them organised that's also easy to search through. If you've got any suggestions I'm all ears.

Take care folks, see you sometime soon.


  1. I'm really glad you fancy the parts Jonah, I'm enjoying yours a lot and have already used part of them lately (the grey sensei owes you) I've a few more things to finish on th evenator front but receiving your big bag of bits warmed my heart like you have no idea.

    The asslessbox, what a nice concept :D

  2. The first few pics look familiar. Trouble is after tidying I can never find anything.

    1. It's worse right now, but I know what you mean. That's why I'm really trying to come up with some sort of solution to my horde of bits.

  3. Oh and regarding the bit sorganisation, I found th eeasiest way for me ws to have a huge box where I pour everything and then I make small boxes for each project. I ha a small box of "arms for RT" another one for everything undead, one for the venators and so on. Organising by theme is th eeasiest thing because you know how you associate things generally

    1. I may give that a go. Empire box, Orc box etc. Up until now I was using lots of partitioned boxes to separate all the individual components. It's actually a pain in the butt to go through them all that way.

      Thanks for the idea.


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