The Club Necromunda Terrain completed.

Hello again folks, wow it's been so long... An hour or two must have past since my last post... How the time flies...

Well I got the Necromunda terrain done for the local club, forgot to take any pictures of it at home. But I did get to snap a few quick images of it down at the club reunited with the rest of the terrain I made.

I didn't have a gang prepared but with some extra miniatures at the club we managed to have a 3 way gang fight, it wasn't a campaign game. Just to blow the dust off. Had a great time:

Here's one of the Van Saar I painted for Steve a while back (linky, linky), getting himself comfy on his new home turf.

That MDF terrain really likes to suck up paints and washes, it took a while to get decent coverage.

I went for an overall aged, rusty look for the terrain. Mainly so it matched some of the scatter terrain I'd made previously for the club.

I think the orange of the rust makes it stand out nicely against the neutral grey of the gaming board.

All in all I think it's a really nice set of terrain, it paints up pretty easily and has a lot of detail. I'm really considering getting a set for myself.

(Apologies for not taking any in-game pictures. I was having too much fun and forgot. I think Steve the club owner took a few. If I can get ahold of some more I'll edit this post and add them below.)

That's your lot for the night methinks...

Take care everybody,


  1. I've heard if you give them a base coat of watered down PVA (white glue) first then prime they should not absorb the paint so much.

    The set looks great - very fitting base for the denizens of the underhive.

    1. I'll have to give that a go if I do get myself a set. should strengthen it a little too. (although they are pretty strong as is)
      Thanks for that :)

  2. Wow, that looks impressive, who produce that scenery? I'm looking at that with a mix of simpathy and envy... :D

    1. Thank you... It was really hard to let it go after putting the work into it... But, at least I get to play on it down at the club.

      There are a few sellers on Ebay that sell laser-cut terrain. The seller who provided this particular set to the club happens to be local to us:
      War Games Tournaments

      I'm so tempted to buy the larger set of Necromunda terrain... When I can afford it anyway :)

    2. Thank you! I definitely must have a look at that, looks gorgeous.

  3. Your set up looks amazing - the rust effect on the terrain is really compelling... very thematic.
    I also like Frothing Muppet's comment about coating the stuff in a light layer of PVA to seal the surface and prepare it for painting... that's a pretty good idea.

    1. Sorry for the very tardy response. But thank you for your comment.

      I wish this terrain was mine... It pained me to give it back to the owner after completing the work on it. But I am planning on getting a set for myself some time in the future.


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