Work in progress on Grom the Paunch

Hey folks... I'm back with a quick update... Twice in one day eh?
Not a habit I'd like to keep up to I'd go mental...

I just thought I'd post a progress image up following from earlier, because I got more done than I actually thought I would... Which is nice :)

I've already completed the wolves and made headway on the chariot and wheels. I hope I can keep this pace up and get it completed for the weekend. Then I'll be good to go on whatever challenge gets announced.

Well that's it, just a little buzzing at getting things done again. Gonna go to bed now, I'm off for a day out with the kids tomorrow.

Thanks if you read this far, take care everybody. I'll post up again soon.


  1. 2 posts eh? Good to see you have your hobby mojo back though it's nice too see :)

  2. nice. love how the wolves are turning out, very much like timber wolves.


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