Chico's Challenge - Stunty Week - Part 01

Hey folks, hope you're all doing well :)
So... Stunty week is the next challenge following up from Ork Week. ChicoDaSatanic left this one a little more open to let more people take part.

So this challenge is about working on Dwarfs/Squats/Halflings/Goblins/Gretchin, plus probably anything else that fits into Stunty as a category (ie, smaller than man-size).

I've decided that I'm going to work on some Runt assistants for the Oddboyz I did in Ork Week. So I'm preping these up at the minute.

I'm still considering working on some of the Dwarfs I have kicking around too. The right-most of three tubs up in the back of the picture has a unit of Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Trollslayers that have been waiting for a lick of paint for a long time.

The left-most has a large selection of Dwarfs and Gnomes that I bought from Stonehaven Miniatures from their Kickstarter campaigns.

I'm leaning more toward the Stonehaven miniatures, just to paint up some unique and characterful figures.
I'll take some better pictures of them if/when I start work on them.

Well I'm actually feeling dog-tired right now, so I'm gonna keep prepping until I can't keep my eyes open.

I'll update as soon as I've made some significant progress.

Take care everyone,



  1. Looking forward to seeing what you choose, part of the fun is wondering what people have sitting in the collection waiting for paint.


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