Chico's Challenge - Stunty Week - Part 03

Hey folks, this is where my Runts stood as of last night the final day of Stunty Week!
I was just too knackered to post anything at the time.

They're not 100% finished, but they're not far off. I just have some of the small details (shrooms, squigs, lenses, teeth etc), some final highlights, the base edges and then they'll be done.
But I'm happy with getting them to this stage during the challenge week :)

Runtherdz' Assistants:

Mekboyz' Assistants:

Painboyz' Assistants:

I'm going to finish them off either today or tomorrow and then I'll post up a picture of them with the completed miniatures from Ork Week.

Thanks for looking and all the comments, I hope you enjoyed it.

Take care everyone,


  1. Very nice! They are such characterful models. I like the colour scheme, especially the skintone. :)

    1. Thank you very much. I've always loved these cheeky little guys. And Happy with the skin too, I prefer my greenskins to look mossy/earthy rather than have a bright cartoony green.

  2. loving how you are bringing the character out yet remaining grimy =)
    the blue accent on some is aces? what is it? colour/technical paint?

    1. That's the new GW technical paint Nihilakh Oxide it works quite nicely.
      I can paint oxidised metal normally, but this paint means i can get done in one wash what would normally take 2/3 before.
      Not a wonder paint by any means, but a little bit of a time saver.

  3. Carefully painted models with organic and realistic colours. That's a superb job done on some lovely models!



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