Tabletop Day! - April 5th 2014

Hi folks, it's tabletop day.
It also happens to fall on the day our gaming group gets together. So we're going to try to get a few boardgames in and enjoy the day!

I'm going to upload some of the highlights over the day, I'll just keep updating this post to keep it all in one place.

Game 01:

I decided to get a game in with my 2 youngest Rhiannon and Caine and thought it was the perfect opportunity to crack out the old Troll Games.
We decided to play Trolls in the Pantry.

My daughter Rhiannon won the first game of the day.

Game 02:

When the guys arrived they wanted a got at Trolls in the Pantry too :)

My friend Craig won that one

Game 03:

Two of my friends James and Wayne finally got in the game of Warhammer that has been put off by bad scheduling for ages.
Lizardmen vs. Ogre Kingdoms.

James' Lizardmen victory.

Game 04:

Craig, Carl and I had a game of Anima off to the side of the Warhammer battlefield...

Victory went to Carl.

Game 05:

For the last game of the night Jessica, Gregory, Carl, James and myself decided to play some classic Risk. It's been a long time for me but it was awesome fun!

I was yellow, Victory me!

And that's the end to a really fun day...

Take care everybody,