Chico's Challenge - Ork Week - Day 07... ish...

Okay, okay, okay...  I went a bit over my 7 days...  I just wanted to catch up on some of the lost time from mid-week.

So I got some paint splattered on the Mekboy and the Runtherd, they're not completely finished but I'll call them at least 90% done. I'd like to clean up some of the highlights, finish some of the details and maybe some tiny bits of wash to define some areas of detail. I also want to tone down the glowy areas on the Shokk Attakk Gun with wash a bit like the Plasma Gun.

But here is the Shokk Attakk Gun Unit. Almost complete, mainly just some clean-up and basing to finish. I like how they look together, so I'm calling it a nominal success. I'd have definitely had them done using the full amount of time I had. As well as the additional items I have below.

When things were going smoothly and I thought I'd have plenty of time, I decided to add to my original target. So I decided to make a start on a Painboy and a Dreadnought for a bit of fun too. At this time they're pretty much at the point I was going in with the highlights and small details. I'm also just waiting on the post for a base for my Dread'.

That's where my Ork Week ended up. I'm pretty happy with what I got done even with the middle of my week getting disrupted. I'm going to potter about with these and get them finished off quickly. They shouldn't take very much longer, a day or so kids willing. But, onto my round-up:

So... Did I enjoy this Ork Week challenge..?

I'd say yes... It was good to just grab something to paint for fun... I've got no army lists or anything in mind right now, but I'm definitely wanting to add some more to this little seed of a Warband.

Would I do it again..?

Most definitely yes! Maybe not dead on the heels of this one... But I've been talking to some friends about wanting to do it again. Maybe other "Hobby Challenge Weeks" can be organised in future.
I think the addition of a loose deadline did a lot to focus me on the job at hand when I did get a chance to sit at my painting table.

My thanks go to ChicoDaSatanic over at oldhammer on a budget for issuing the challenge in the first place and giving me a bit of hobby impetus.

And thank you to everyone that has read and/or commented on the blog.

See you all later, take care.



  1. Great Greenskins, much better then mine. glad you had fun. I'm thinking of doing a challege week twice a month, next one being Squat/Dwarf or maybe non-GW.

    1. I really like your Orks! I would like to paint in a grittier style but I always end up going into a clean/cartoony style. Hard to pull away from my comfort zone I suppose.

      I would like to take part in other challenges, I may not get into every one but there'll be some I definitely take part in.

      When you wrote Squats/Dwarfs at first I went "bleurgh"... Then went, "Hang on... I've still got a bunch of Slayers I want to get painted up..." So maybe I'll take part in that one.

      None GW, I've got a few things kicking around that I bought to paint and are just sat in my lead-pile, Warmachine, Reaper and various other bits and bobs.

  2. as we spoke about, am curious about this sort of thing as a means to getting through the collected forces and random miniatures sat waiting for use, especially if we can find a suitable diy warbands skirmish game that'll work better than a song of blades and heroes, am rather curious as to if skulldred will hit the spot for that still.

    1. as for your minis, that shokk squad looks awesome =) what size base you gone for for the dredd?

    2. Yeah I'd like to work on some of the fantasy miniatures I have lying around for some skirmish gaming. And if more of these challenges pop-up I may even start to make a dent in my huge lead-pile/sprue-mountian...

      A small dent maybe...

      RE: the base, I found a seller on Ebay that sells lipped bases in more than just the standard sizes. So I've got 60mm lipped and some pill shaped lipped bases for my bikes on the way. They are resin not plastic though, so a little higher in price than I got the plastics for, but it'll be worth it!

  3. Well I call that a success too ! They look great and finishing a week with that number of models this good is the kind of deal I'd sign up for any day !
    As often, the best thing to get the mojo back is to paint anything and to finish it. I'm in th emiddle of painting big units right now and I've added some individuals just to have the pleasure to finish something.

    1. Thank you. Yeah it has given me a bit of a confidence boost, I'm now looking at the unpainted miniatures I have as less than a chore and more like I'm spoiled for choice of what to paint.

      Although I know I've got several projects on this blog that are still unfinished, so I'm going to see about placing them at the top of my painting queue.

  4. Great job, congratulations! They look awesome. I've enjoyed watching your progress, too. Keep that momentum going for the next challenge. :)

    1. Thank you very much. I'm going to try to. Having a good hobby momentum definitely beats a dreaded slump any time :)


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