Chaos in the Old World - Board Game

Hi everybody,
I didn't get anything done today (Sat) for my Stuntie Week challenge because I had a delivery of something I've been after for some time and my gaming group decided that is what they wanted to play for the day.

Chaos in the old world is a board game based upon Warhammer Fantasy and  puts you in the role of one of the Gods of chaos. You use your daemonic minions to challenge the other gods' followers for domination of different locations on the map from Norsca, to the Badlands.

There are event cards that affect what is going on in the world as you clash, you summon and pit your minions in battle upon the territories on the map and play cards that have varying effects on the game. You can earn the chance to turn your threat counter that has other effects on the game including the chance to upgrade your followers, the more power you garner, the more powerful your daemonic legions become.

There are actually several different ways for the game to end and for each God to attain victory from simply garnering victory points in different ways, or some other event tied to that particular god on their threat wheel etc. The game kind of resembles Risk on a basic level, but with the addition of the events and modifying cards it really has it's own wonderful flavour.

We were also using the Horned Rat expansion which adds him as a 5th God and therefore a 5th player can join the game (I was playing the Horned Rat and I won this game :D).

I recommend this game whole heartedly. We can't wait to play it again soon. The game is fun and as with most Fantasy Flight products it looks amazing.

Anyway, that's enough rambling from me. I'm gonna try to sneak in a bit of painting before I go to bed.

Take care everybody,



  1. looks like I missed out. even if not to play due to player numbers, would have enjoyed watching it play out.


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