Chico's Challenge - Stunty week - Part 02

Hi folks, here's my next little update on my Stunty Week work.
I chose and prepared and based the figures that I would be using as my Runt assistants.
I did a little minor conversion/sculpting work here and there to make them fit with the Oddboy they were to be attending.

Prep Work:

These are the Runts that will be attending the Painboy, I converted one from a Mek assistant to look like he is collecting "down-payments" for from the Painboy's patients. Another I converted the shell he was carrying to look like an overlarge syringe.

These next ones will be attending th Runtherder, one is actuallyintended to be a squig oiler, but I think he works perfectly well as the treat-caddy. One of the Gretchin was converted to have his own grabba-stikk to keep the smaller runts in line.

The next were picked to attend the Mekboy, two look like they know the business end of the tools they're carrying, the other two are the overladen dog's-bodies.

Beginning The Painting:

I went back to the books when it came to the colour scheme for the Gretchin. I remembered a little tid-bit and reread it to refresh my memory. In Waaargh the Orks! in the clan description for the Goffs it states that the Runt slaves of the Goff clan are not permitted to wear black because it is only for proper 'ard Orks and so they tend to wear natural/neutral colours. They are however allowed to paint their faces black to show the clan ownership.

So with that in mind I first undercoated the miniatures with black primer and then gave them a light spray of a dark brown spray paint I had to hand. I used several brown shades and a little bone to paint different parts of the clothing. I also started the weathering of the metal areas at this point too.

This is where they are as of this evening:

So tomorrow it'll be highlights and painting the skin. If I get a good few hours in I may even get the bases done.

Well that's it for the moment, see you in Part 03.

Take care everybody :)


  1. They look ace !
    My contribution to stuntie week is the "shorty" ratling from the mercenaries range. Seeing such ambitious and well executed work is good motivation. Looking at the painted models I was wondering what the big sack was, so I scrolled a few images up and I realised you had sculpted the bag ! It is brilliant.

    1. Hey thanks :)
      I wanted the runt to look like he was collecting teeth from unconscious/expired Orks on the battlefield for the Doc.

  2. Very good job so far mate, need moar!


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