Inq28 - Veteran Guardsman - work in progress

Hey folks,
I'm finally sat back at my hobby table and playing with parts.

I'm in the middle of converting a figure and thought I'd put it up at this stage to show you what I'm up to.

The Figure in Progress

The main body of the figure is a Cadian guardsman with a Catachan guardsman head.

I cut down the lasgun barrel to give it more of an SMG/Carbine look.

There are a couple of watch parts used here, one for an eyepiece of the bionic eye I'm making and the other just for a bit of detail on the lasgun.

I've carved out a portion of his lower face to give me somewhere to glue some cables/pipes and give me a little room for sculpting his battle-scarred face.

The box in the middle of his back was originally a part from the Warhammer Lizardman range, I'm using it as a combined rebreather and power-pack for his bionics, which the cables from his face will run to.

And you can see I've used some beads from a water filter to create a studded shoulder pad.

I've still got more fine details to attach, trophies, holy relics, seals/scrolls, possibly a little wear/damage etc.

The Possible Background

I see him as a veteran Imperial guardsman that after serving several tours of duty and surviving, has earned his writ of citizenship allowing him to return to his homeworld or to go populate a new colony.

But for some reason he has decided to carry on taking the fight to the alien and the mutant (homeworld destroyed/platoon wiped out?) and earned the attention of an inquisitor whom he now follows. He wears his writ on his person as a symbol of his choice to carry on fighting instead of settling down, which has earned him the "nom du guerre" of "Freeman".

Any of these ideas may evolve/change, I'm still toying with ideas as I go and I'm open to suggestions too.

Take care,



  1. Nice start, interesting that you are using watch parts, I'll have to remember that

    1. Yeah, watch parts are great for small tech details, especially if you're needing them neat and with sharp/straight edges.

      It sure beats giving yourself a headache trying to sculpt those tiny neat details yourself.

      Thanks for commenting. :)


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