Inq28 - more work in progress on the veteran guardsman and a zealot priest

Hi guys,
I would have posted pictures yesterday, but I wasn't in the best of moods.

I had a momentary lapse of concentration whilst working at my desk and left my guardsman too near my desk lamp and melted some of the details from down his left hand side.

After much cursing and brooding I didn't do anymore yesterday. But this morning I sat down and fixed all the damage, the main part being a re-sculpt of much of his left arm.

*sigh*... Disaster avoided...

I did a little more work on the Veteran guardsman, I believe he is fully constructed now and just about ready for a lick of paint.

Here he is at the moment:

"Freeman" - construction complete..?

You can see his writ of citizenship upon his belt, a piece I liberated from a larger detailed Ravenwing banner.

He has an Ork skull as a trophy turned shoulder pad and the bionic eye is melded into his pitted and scarred face. Also you can see his left hand is now bionic, I made from a Space Marine hand.

Here you can see the amount of re-sculpting that was needed on the arm, I also removed the combat knife from the waist in favour of another trophy/relic and added it to the boot with straps. Also the tubes can be seen snaking from his ruined face.

And finally, you can see how I brought the rebreather/power-pack and cables together, a little bit of detailing helped to make it look a little more "techy", with a purity seal to finish it off.

And that brings us to another figure I'm working on. In fact I was working on it during the moments when I was waiting for parts to dry etc on the guardsman, but I wasn't spending as much time on him and in my last post he didn't feel to be at a stage worth showing.

Until now:

The figure is in the main constructed from a night goblin fanatic, with a flagellant head and bits and pieces I had lying around as well as more of the details from the same Ravenwing banner used on "freeman".

I still have a few details to add, relics, purity seals and such.

I haven't really thought about a background for him other than a zealous member of the Ecclesiarchy. also regarding his height, I don't think he is going to be an abhuman, just vertically challenged.

Well that's my update for a little while. As always comments/critiques welcome.

Take care,



  1. I like them both but am really interested on seeing where you go with the little guy =)

  2. Wow, nice little fanatic. :) I hope you'll remove all those moldlines before painting, I can see some on the flails and the icon pole.

    1. Thank you...

      I normally clean up every part as I'm working before attaching them, for some reason those had slipped by my scrutiny.

      Well spotted. :)

  3. Replies
    1. This is one of the projects I want to bring up to the front of my hobby queue. They've been on a back burner for way too long.


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