Deathwatch RPG - Dark Angels devastator conversion

Sometimes I just barrel ahead and don't think about the miniatures I work on, so unfortunately I don't think to get progress shots.

This was just such an occasion... (Although, he's not really complete, I want to get some more highlights and washes/glazes on before I'm satisfied.)

This was to be my character in the same Deathwatch campaign that I mentioned earlier in the blog in the Deathwatch Ultramarine post.

Regarding the incomplete paintjob.
I wanted to make the all too smooth robes look like a rough material, so I tried something new. I scrubbed dried paint on an old tattered brush, up and down the robes, unlike drybrushing which flicks across the raised detail picking up the edges. I built this up in layers of brown and bone, it's still to finish but I like the texture I'm getting so far.

The rest of the painting has been more standard smooth transition or edge highlight, i wanted the texture of the armour and cloth to contrast, rough and smooth.

Deathwatch RPG Dark Angels Space Marine Miniature Conversion 40k

Not a great deal of conversion work on this miniature, the parts are:

- Heavy Bolter: Devastator sprue
- Purity Seals: dunno... forgotten... Space Marine command squad sprue?
- Pretty much everything else from the Dark Angel veterans sprue

The only converting was the replacement of the original shoulder pad moulded onto the Heavy Bolter right arm, just some careful cutting away and a bit of plastic glue.
The ceremonial blade was cut from a Dark Angel backpack and added to the top of the devastator ammo drum backpack.
Oh, and the purity seals on the weapon replaced a skull or an aquila I think.

The base was simply an off-cut from a citadel movement tray I had lying around. It already had squares marked on it, so I thought it would make a nice paved base, so it was cut to fit a 30mm round lipped base and had a touch of rubble added to it to kep it simple.

Ultramarine too...

Deathwatch RPG Ultramarine Miniature Conversion Sculpting greenstuff 40kAlso whilst I'm at it...

My beautiful, smart, witty and ever patient (I think that's enough grovelling) other half painted the Ultramarine I converted for her and asked me if I'd posted a picture of that up too.

I said I'd get around to it...

A few weeks ago...

So here it is, I think it turned out really nicely in the end.

I've got a few more articles I'm just writing up to post, so until then take care.