Monsters and Creatures for Pathfinder RPG : 01

These are the first pictures of some of the creatures I have been putting together and painting to use in my Pathfinder RPG campaign.

This post is more than likely the first in a series... Hence the numbered title....

The first session that the whole party were together, they had to go out on a boar hunt in order to pay for rooms and have a meal for the night. There was no complacency after the party witnessed Grek almost taken down by a single gore attack from the first boar they encountered that evening.

I used some of the older Citadel plastic boars and just glued them onto 30mm round bases, a little greenstuff to fill the gap in the neck and a quick paint-job and we have...

Pathfinder RPG Miniatures Monster Creature Boar

The Elves Bracken and Caladrel had the misfortune of walking into a trap laid by spiders as they sought shelter in a cave. I wanted spiders of "small" size, the Pathfinder Bestiary had Spider Swarms (Diminutive) and Giant Spiders (Medium), so I used the young template found at the back of the bestiary upon the Giant Spider to make a smaller breed.

For the miniatures, I used some of the Giant Spiders from the old Warhammer Quest boxed set that I had sitting around gathering dust. Mounted on 30mm bases and painted up, they fulfilled the role quite nicely.

Pathfinder RPG Miniatures Monster Creature Spider

Arabella the Gnome Barbarian had a traumatic time when she was trapped underground after a cave-in, she travelled for a long time in the dark caverns underground looking for an exit. The culmination of her lonely adventure, when she ran into a small band of Mites within a forgotten dungeon and fought her way back to daylight.

The miniatures are simply classic Citadel Snotlings painted a blue-grey and mounted on 30mm bases.
(I wish I could find 20mm round lipped bases to mount my small creatures, but I've had no luck finding any.)

Pathfinder RPG Miniatures Monster Creature Mites

The adventurers have been involved in many encounters with Goblins that are attacking merchants along the main roads, worryingly within the bounds of the kingdom.

The miniatures I have painted here are from the now obsolete Gorkamorka line from Gamesworkshop, they were actually Snotlings from the Rebel Grot gang. And as before, mounted on 30mm bases and a quick lick of paint.

Pathfinder RPG Miniatures Monster Creature Goblins

During the campaign I have used a variety of miniatures, stand ins and pre-painted minaitures (which I'll get to in a future post).
Thus far for Goblins I've used the ones above and handfuls of volunteers from my Warhammer Night Goblin army, I'm not quite satisfied with the look of them and I'm working on more.

I have a lot more miniatures to convert and paint to represent monsters/creatures that are choking up my work queue right now, when I get around to them I'll post them up.

So until I pull my finger out and get some more work done, that's all from me...

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  1. I've said before, best chance you have of getting 20mm lipped bases is by making your own and casting it.
    heck once you've made and cast some theres probably a market out there for them?

  2. Fenris games do 25mm if that helps any, I found them too expensive for me. Another option is exillis miniatures have lipped bases at about 26mm in size (if you can't find them discounted like I managed too (the miniatures are pretty ugly).

    1. Yeah I've just ordered some bases from Fenris Games for the Orks I'm currently working on. I agree they're a bit pricier, but I'm not going to need many to begin with.
      I'll decide whether I'm going to order more depending upon the quality of the bases.
      I don't know if I'm going to go back and re-base the smaller creatures yet.


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