Pathfinder RPG : Miniatures for our adventuring party.

I just wanted to share some of the miniatures that my friends and I put together for my Pathfinder campaign here:Beyond the Wardwall.

So... Let's Begin.

Teresa "Tessy" Stoutfoot
(played by my 10 year old daughter Dagan-Ellora)

Pathfinder RPG Miniature Conversion Halfling fighterTessy is quite a forceful and hotheaded Halfling Fighter who has on occasion led the party fearlessly from the front line.

(miniature conversion and painting by me.)

The Miniature: (all Citadel parts and some Greenstuff)
- Main body: Gorkamorka Snotling (o.o.p. citadel)
- Head: Lord of the Rings Elf
- Hair plume: 40k Ork range?
- Hands and axe handles: originally joined together as a Warhammer High Elf spearman's hands and polearm

The clothing and armour was all sculpted from Greenstuff.

Arabella Bloodwillow (played by Jessica)

Pathfinder RPG Miniature Conversion Gnome Barbarian
Arabella is a complicated little Gnome Barbarian, quirky and mischievous around her friends, earning money as a carpenter's apprentice. In battle using minor magics to confuse enemies and turning completely psychotic (surely it's the mask!) when her friends are in danger. Along with Tessy she makes up the front line of the party.

(miniature conversion and painting by Jessica)

The Miniature:
- Blood Glutton Gnome Fighter (Reaper Miniatures)
- Night Goblin Fanatic ball and chain (Citadel Miniatures)
- Hair sculpted from Greenstuff (original miniature is bald)

Bracken Fernelle (played by t'other 'alf Micki)

Pathfinder RPG Miniature Conversion Elf RangerBracken now a full Druid has been sent by the elders of the druid commune he lived among, to deliver a most desperate message to the king. By his side stalks the fierce Mountain Tiger Sorell, together a force to be reckoned with, whether using bow or magic, tooth or claw.

(miniature conversion by me, painting by Micki)

The Miniature: (Dark Sword Miniatures and Reaper Miniatures)
- Male Wood Elf archer (Dark Sword)
- Tiger: Jungle Girl and Sabretooth Tiger (Reaper)

I lengthened the hair of the elf as my missus asked and I also sculpted the bases to fit the 30mm lipped rounds, because the miniatures came on awkwardly shaped integral bases.

Tornik Lorekeep (played by Wayne)

Pathfinder RPG Miniature Conversion Dwarf Bard
Tornik the Dwarf is a travelling adventurer, historian and storyteller (Bard), he is working to collate as much lost history and knowledge he can find within and possibly without the kingdoms walls.

(miniature conversion and painting by me)

The Miniature: (all Citadel parts)
- the main miniature is one of the single piece Dwarf champion models from the Skull pass boxed set
- book and hand from the Empire wizards sprue
- pickaxe and a lantern from the Dwarf miners sprue
- various scrolls, pouches, rope and various other bits and bobs... from all over the place?

Grek Shale (played by Gregory)

Pathfinder RPG Miniature Conversion Half Orc FighterGrek is a Half-Orc/Half Dwarf Fighter, he was given over as a ward to a Dwarven temple and has spent his time training and striving to prove himself an able member of Dwarven society. On the battlefield he can be seen running around trying to lend a shield or well placed hammer wherever it is needed most.

(miniature conversion by me, painting by Gregory)

The Miniature: (Citadel and scratch-built parts)
- Lord of the Rings Uruk Hai figure
- o.o.p. chaos warrior shield
- hammer mostly scratch-built from wire and a hammer head on top from...? I can't remember...

Drungen Stonehelm (played by David)

Pathfinder RPG Miniature Conversion Dwarf ClericDrungen is a Cleric and is on a pilgrimage to visit every pub, tavern and alehouse in the land. He has taken Grek along with him as his ward to keep an eye on him (it's quite possible that he is Grek's father, in fact the letter left with the waif said as much).

In battle he lends a hand fighting or healing wherever it is needed, all through the holy power of ale.

(miniature conversion and painting by David)

The Miniature: (Hasslefree and some Citadel)
- The dwarf is Brian the Blessed (Hasslefree Miniatures)
- tankard from Dwarf miner sprue
- Barrel from Ogre sprue?

Caladrel (played by Craig)

Pathfinder RPG Miniature Conversion Elf SummonerCaladrel believes he has learned all that is available in his coastal town about the art of Summoning. He has taken to the road to see monsters and creatures surviving out in the wilds in their natural habitats instead of just reading about them in dusty old tomes, so that he may use that knowledge to increase his summoning skills.

He and his serpentine Eidolon Astrad have supported the other party members up close and afar several times now quite successfully.

(miniature conversions and painting by Jessica)

The Miniatures: (Citadel and Scratch-built)
- Legolas from the lord of the rings range with different hair and clothing sculpted on.
                                                                                    - Astrad is mostly Greenstuff and a Tyranid                                                                                              Warrior head

The party as it looks right now... missing a handful of members...

Pathfinder RPG Miniatures Adventuring Party Player Characters

As you can see the party looks quite sizable right there...

But there are still a few more members to build and paint miniatures for. (Yes... Our games do get rather crowded...)

First of all there's Hodor, Drungen's Pack Pony (shown in group shot) that carries all the sacred ale.
(converted and half painted by me... I really need to finish him)

Kemella Morcam A Half-Elf rogue who won't tell anyone where she is from, not even the GM (played by my 13 year old daughter Ellaouise.)

Tidinium Flib A curious travelling Human Alchemist searching for new and interesting ingredients and recipes to concoct (played by James)

Lady Carmorel Carter, Evilbane A Human Paladin recently released from her mentor ready to live by her sacred code (played by Carl)

And if we get to that point...

Gotrun Heldefast A Dwarf Ranger with bad tidings from the north (played by myself if somebody else takes the reins for a spell...)

Well that's it for now...

Take care.