Goblin Samurai miniature conversion for D&D

My friend Gregory had rolled up a Goblin Samurai for an all goblin D&D campaign we were going to be taking part in.

He asked me for help looking for a suitable miniature, but after a lot of fruitless searching he gave up and tried to figure out how to convert one.

Never one to pass up an opportunity, I used this problem to my advantage. I converted and painted up this miniature as his birthday gift for a few reasons:

- 1. He couldn't find one anywhere else.
- 2. He doesn't really feel that confident yet about his converting skill.
- 3. I do.
- 4. It meant I didn't have to think of something else to get him. (bonus!!!)

The majority of the miniature is citadel plastics with some scratch built elements thrown in.

Goblin samurai conversion D&D character

Goblin samurai conversion D&D character

Goblin samurai conversion D&D character

Off the top of my head the parts were as follows:

- Skaven Clanrat torso.
- Goblin wolf rider arms.
- Goblin legs.
- Either a Goblin or Gretchin head.
- The armour sections were cut up Goblin shields.



  1. Really nice, very much approve of the little guy :).

    1. Thanks. Funny thing is this little dude is still sat at my house, my friend still hasn't taken him home yet!

  2. Man, you have some incredible conversion and painting skills! I love this Goblin! o7

    1. That was strange... Had to reload the page several times because your comment wouldn't show...

      Thank you very much :)

      I'm quite fond of the conversion on this little dude, the paint job isn't really anything spectacular. Just base colours wash and very little highlighting. Tabletop standard.
      I think I actually put more layers on the base. Actually... I really like that base... I'll have to replicate it on another figure i think.

      It's almost my friend's birthday again... He still hasn't taken this miniature home, mainly because the campaign it was made for was cancelled.
      Maybe I should adopt this figure into my collection.


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