Blood Angels: Commander Dante and Captain Tycho

I finished painting some miniatures for a couple of my friends a little while back, but I just didn't get around to taking pictures of them.

Here's some shots of two Blood Angels special characters I painted for my friend Craig for his force when he first started in the hobby.
The miniatures actually came from another friend's old collection that he gave to e when leaving the hobby.

I rummaged around in my storage boxes and found what I could, being lead miniatures there was some unavoidable softening of some details and Dante actually had both hands missing. So I decided to fix them up and give them a new lease of life in somebody else' collection.

Chapter Master - Commander Dante:

I had to scratch build a new Inferno pistol for Dante, I believe it used parts from a chaos plasma pistol, a meltagun and some guitar wire.
I built up the Axe Mortalis from an old veteran sergeant power axe from my bits box and a small section of a banner top.
I also picked up one of the awesome Sanguinary Guard jump packs to modernise him a little. Then it was onto a 40mm scenic base and into the paint queue.

3rd Company Captain - Erasmus Tycho:

Tycho was a little more simple, just some cutting and filing of damaged/squashed details and had to re-sculpt a small section of his nose/cheek, purity seals and other small bits.
Then I added one of the drop pod chapter marking plates to a section of rod for a small banner.
Once again, onto a 40mm scenic base and into the paint queue.

I still have to paint up The Sanguinary Priest - Corbulo, he's in the paint queue somewhere down the line though.