Project: Board Games... The beginning.

My apologies for no hobby post last week, I've had some problems with my PC that I think are worked out now.

There are a few projects old and new that I want to work on. One project that I really want to do is to paint up the playing pieces and miniatures for several board games I've owned for a while and a few I picked up recently.

painting board game playing pieces figures project

I've already made a start on a couple of them, but I'm going to put them aside for now and limit myself to one game at a time until it is complete. I'm fighting my hobby butterfly impulses,

I think that board games look a lot nicer on the tabletop when the playing pieces are even just given a quick paint-job like this boxed game I painted a while back:

dungeons & dragons fantasy adventure board game painted pieces figures

Nothing earth-shattering, just quick block colours and a wash on those. They've performed double duty as creatures for our RPG's in the past too. They were pretty crude soft bright plastic figures, but improved a lot with some paint on.

This is kind of a back burner project. I'll be working on my board game pieces in the background and beside other hobby projects, you'll see updates as and when I work upon them.

I play an awful lot of different board games with my friends alongside our wargaming and roleplaying. I was thinking maybe I should do some posts on the different board games I play, what's in the box? how does it play? A bit like a light review I suppose... It's an idea anyway, I may follow through with it or not as and when the whim takes me..

Take care and I'll be back with more hobby updates pretty soon.


  1. I've had that long term goal for...a long time now. I'm sure once the kids start gaming, I'll pick it back up, but unless you really keep your nose to the grindstone, it's a ton of work. Good luck!

    1. Yeah it feels like potentially a lot of work. That's why I decided to do them as a background project to other things I'm working on. That way I may not start to see it as a chore.

  2. Some great games in that pile. I've got three of those in my backlog too!

    1. I think all my nerdy hobbies are cross pollinating. I've been buying more board games in the last couple of years, I have a backlog of games that haven't been played yet.

      It's like the board game equivalent of a lead-pile. I really have to put a stop to it!


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