Obligatory Pompous Introduction

Hey there, I suppose introductions are in order. I'll try keep this brief since with all likelihood I'm just talking to myself...

My name is Jonathan, or you can call me Jonah. I am a father of 4 nightmarish children (3 girls 5,10 and 13yrs old and 1 boy 2yrs old) whom I love dearly with all my being. I have a beautiful fiance who due to ailing health I now care for. And my disabled mother also lives with us, so that I may care for her too.

As you could probably guess that lot keeps me quite busy, but in return they also have to put up with my particular brand of madness. :)

"Always outnumbered, never outgunned..."

As far back as I can remember I've indulged in geekery and I've always had a love for fantasy, sci-fi and horror.
Whether it was reading, writing, movies, television, art, photography, wargaming, roleplaying, miniatures, board games, console games.

I used to be quite prolific in my own creativity, making art, painting miniatures, writing crappy short stories.
And I also used to keep myself busy with the other said hobbies I mentioned. When the inevitable happened...

You grow up, life and family commitments get in the way and you just don't seem to have the time for it anymore...

Well... Bugger that!

That is the purpose of this blog, I've been getting my geek on again for some time now and really enjoying it too. Sometimes I sit and pore over amazing blogs created by other people showcasing their art, gaming exploits, beautiful miniatures and honestly, I get a little envious.
Now I've got my own blog, so that as and when the whim takes me I can throw something out there into the aether and hopefully people out there may find it useful, interesting or probably just faintly humorous.

So... Enough prattle from me...

Thanks for you time and everyone take care.


  1. a few weeks back i posted a reaally nice comment here .but blogger obviously had other plans for that . oh well it went something like this your obviously a top bloke and i am enjoying your blog. but longer

    1. Thank you kindly...

      I actually not only got notification of your previous message, I read it too on the inbox of my phone.

      But when I went to my blog to reply... Bampf... It was no more... It was on my phone inbox for several days, then it too vanished... Very strange.


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