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What's on the workbench? : 01

This is just a teaser... A sneak-peak if you will... At what I've been assembling and prepping today, as I type this the spray undercoat is drying...

Some of these things are to be ready for Saturday when I run my Pathfinder campaign...

But I won't say which... It'll spoil the surprise... And I've more to do over the next couple of days...


Monsters and Creatures for Pathfinder RPG : 01

These are the first pictures of some of the creatures I have been putting together and painting to use in my Pathfinder RPG campaign.

This post is more than likely the first in a series... Hence the numbered title....

The first session that the whole party were together, they had to go out on a boar hunt in order to pay for rooms and have a meal for the night. There was no complacency after the party witnessed Grek almost taken down by a single gore attack from the first boar they encountered that evening.

I used some of the older Citadel plastic boars and just glued them onto 30mm round bases, a little greenstuff to fill the gap in the neck and a quick paint-job and we have...

The Elves Bracken and Caladrel had the misfortune of walking into a trap laid by spiders as they sought shelter in a cave. I wanted spiders of "small" size, the Pathfinder Bestiary had Spider Swarms (Diminutive) and Giant Spiders (Medium), so I used the young template found at the back of the bestiary upo…

D&D Next : Playtest... First thoughts...

My gaming group and I have now had chance to play several sessions using the D&D:Next playtest pack, we had more players than space available so we switched character roles and had other players observing and lending a hand rules checking when they couldn't take part.

This isn't going to be an in depth review of any sort, more my own personal thoughts and musings on my experiences taking part.

I know it's a very early stage and many of the things I mention here may change a lot between now and publication of the finished rules, so I'll try to keep this short and write it as a list for clarity, because if you hadn't noticed before... I tend to ramble on.

1. Critical Hits:Natural 20 is an auto critical hit, no roll to confirm and you cause the maximum possible damage with the weapon you are using.

- From what little knowledge of the 4th edition I possess I believe this carried over from there.
- I like it a lot, rolling a 20 is exciting and failing those confirm rolls…

Pathfinder RPG : our adventuring party... So far...

I just wanted to share some of the miniatures that my friends and I put together for my Pathfinder campaign here:Beyond the Wardwall.

So... Let's Begin.

Teresa "Tessy" Stoutfoot (played by my 10 year old daughter Dagan-Ellora)

Tessy is quite a forceful and hotheaded Halfling Fighter who has on occasion led the party fearlessly from the front line.

(miniature conversion and painting by me.)

The Miniature: (all Citadel parts and some Greenstuff)
- Main body: Gorkamorka Snotling (o.o.p. citadel)
- Head: Lord of the Rings Elf
- Hair plume: 40k Ork range?
- Hands and axe handles: originally joined together as a Warhammer High Elf spearman's hands and polearm

The clothing and armour was all sculpted from Greenstuff.

Arabella Bloodwillow (played by Jessica)

Arabella is a complicated little Gnome Barbarian, quirky and mischievous around her friends, earning money as a carpenter's apprentice. In battle using minor magics to confuse enemies and turning completely psychotic (surely …

Deathwatch Dark Angel

Sometimes I just barrel ahead and don't think about the miniatures I work on, so unfortunately I don't think to get progress shots.

This was just such an occasion... (Although, he's not really complete, I want to get some more highlights and washes/glazes on before I'm satisfied.)

This was to be my character in the same Deathwatch campaign that I mentioned earlier in the blog in the Deathwatch Ultramarine post.

Regarding the incomplete paintjob.
I wanted to make the all too smooth robes look like a rough material, so I tried something new. I scrubbed dried paint on an old tattered brush, up and down the robes, unlike drybrushing which flicks across the raised detail picking up the edges. I built this up in layers of brown and bone, it's still to finish but I like the texture I'm getting so far.

The rest of the painting has been more standard smooth transition or edge highlight, i wanted the texture of the armour and cloth to contrast, rough and smooth.

Not a great de…