Chico's Challenge - Ork Week - Day 02

Hi everybody, I'm uploading yesterdays work. I'm probably going to stick to this format
of uploading the previous days' work, it just seems to be happening that way anyway.

So, without further ado...

Day 02:

First things first, the figures that went back into strip from Day 01:

Some more power armoured Orks, the 3 Shokk Attakk Meks, Mekboy with Kustom Shoota, various Ork Boyz and more Snakebites. I have more Snakebites than I realised, I may have to find a place for them in this force :)

I had a couple of parcels arrive from Ebay, the figures from which are in stripping now.

I decided that since I had gotten so excited about the Shokk Attakk Gunz that I would start with that to kick things off. (an aside... A mixed lot from Ebay arrive today... There's a 4th Shokk Attakk Gun... Seriously, I don't have a problem... Probably not going to need them all.)

Shokk Attakk Gun Mekboy:

So to start, I wanted to personalise the Mek a little, so I used Green-stuff to add a new chin, a nose ring and some ear-rings. Goffs don't go in for all that warpaint lark that other clans do, but they do love their piercings :) .

The plastic arms from 2nd ed look a bit weedy on this model compared to the right arm cast on the miniature so I decided to sculpt an arm at rest on his hip.

I did have trouble with the fingers though, so after a half hour of effing and blinding I just cut the fingers from a hand from a modern Ork plastic carving away much of the hand. I sculpted the thumb and palm and blended the fingers in with Green-stuff and liquid Green-stuff to hide the join.

I then sculpted a simple shoulder pad to blend the arm into the figure, it looked a little strange left bare.

I used a very small amount of Green-stuff to just add a little definition to the right arm.

Once cured, the Mek and gun were undercoated and await some paint.

The Snotlings:

I was also putting paint to the Snotling swarms between sculpting steps on the Mek.

With figures this small I decided to attach them to strips of wood to make sure I could get to all the details.

Once I had done all the main stages I needed to they were carefully removed from the strips.

And here is a picture of them on their 40mm bases, They still need the final touch ups (metals etc) and the bases and 'shrooms need to be painted once the texture is dry.

The mushrooms on the bases were made from any bits of Green-stuff I have left at the end of a sculpting session just attached to a little piece of wire, waste not want not. I'm happy with the way the snots are turning out.


The last member of this unit... I'm still not sure how I'm tackling this figure to be honest...

I carved one of the 2nd ed plastic arms to look bare like the arm cast on the figure.
At this moment I can't think of what weaponry to arm him with.

That's it for Day 02, I'll keep muddling away at these figures
and organise what I'm going to work on next.

I'm considering creating back banners for each of the Oddboyz,
but I'm not quite decided upon that yet

Take care everybody,



  1. liking where this is going... but FOUR! shokk attack guns? scary times ahead... enjoy your continued ork week.

    1. I didn't get 4 on purpose though Jess. 2 probably. But 3 and 4 weren't intentional...

      But... If I do put them all together... :)

  2. Gah, 4 of Gits.... Ok remind me to never bring a Terminator suit near you when playing 2nd :O And you converting looks rather good, not to mention the painted Snotlings.

    1. Thanks, I'm really liking the look of the Snotlings. I've gone back to my old Green-skin paint recipe and I'm probably carrying it on throughout the figures I work on.

      My favourite memory of a battle back in 2nd ed using a Shokk Attakk Gun, in shorthand.

      12' long table, Shokk Attakk Gun on overwatch, diagonal corner to corner across the battlefield, Eldar Fire Prism pop-up-attack, BOOM.

      You should have seen that Eldar player's face.

      Unlimited tabletop range is awesome :)

  3. There does seem to be quite a few Ork armies in development. Maybe we should think about organising a big battle day. Re-creating the 'Da big Party'. That would be great fun!

    1. Yeah I was surprised after we started this at the number of Ork armies I'm seeing throughout the blog-sphere.

      I was thinking of getting some of my friends together and do something along the lines of a Realm of Chaos warbands/Gorkamorka mash-up.

      "Tribe Warz"


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