Chico's Challenge - Ork Week - Day 05/06

Hey everyone, I'm still on my original target to finish the Shokk Attakk Unit by the end of Day 07.
Just had a big speed bump with  the family emergency I mentioned before, so for the last couple of days I got some more stripping and a bit of painting in while I could.

Here are the fruits of my stripping labour:

Day 05/06:
More stripping:

I've now finished all the stripping of my classic Orks that I currently have.
I do still have a few bits and bobs to arrive but that's prety much it.

A small Kult of Speed, 5 Warbikes, 1 Nobz Bike and 2 Wartrakks.
I'm considering these as high on the list to add to the Warband I'm working on.

More Snakebites!?! Guess I'll be having a fair amount of them added at some point.

Ork Dreadnought. Looking forward to getting started on this.

There's Shokk Attakk Mek #4, another Mekboy
and a small unit of Freebooterz I was surprised that I'd collected together.

And finally a couple more Minderz (just realised I don't actually have a single Weirdboy!?!),
some more Madboyz and a few more Runtz.

I'm still sat painting right now, just wanted to post up what I'd been up to. My Day 07 Post will either be up tonight or tomorrow depending on the vagaries of fate.

Well, gonna get back to the hairy sticks.

Take care,



  1. "I see a dreadnought and I want it painted black... goff boys and bikers soon they'll all be painted blaaack!"
    =P nice to see you getting things going =)
    really should get on with my poncy git eldar...


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