Chico's Challenge - Ork Week - Day 03/04

Hello again folks, this is going to be quite a short one. we had a bit of a family emergency to deal with yesterday and today so I didn't have much free time.

I managed to get a little work done though... Oh well, a small amount of progress is still progress I suppose.

Day 03/04:

I decided to go with a Plasma gun for the Runtherd for a handful of reasons:

1 - Runtherdz have special weapons available to them in the 2nd ed Codex.
2 - A plasma gun gives a decent amount of high strength fire if anything gets close to the unit.
3 - I had a load of them lying around.

I think the Plasma gun goes well with the pose of the miniature.

I added a strap using a thin strip of Green-stuff folding it at both ends and
glueing two beads from a water filter on to look like rivets holding it in place.

So now he's undercoated and sat by the Mekboy ready to paint.
At least the main colour is done, being the Goff clan and all ;)

Told you it'd be a short one. I'll get back to the painting tomorrow. I'll be happy even if I only get this one unit done this week.
But I do have plans for adding something else that kind of ties to this unit, but we shall wait and see.

On that note. Take care everyone,


  1. Jonah, your consistent awesome output of late is making me feel nervous...

    But don't worry about thothers and keep on rocknig hard. I'm really looking forward to seeing the 3days left!

    1. Thanks for the kind words. You definitely don't have anything to be nervous about with the work I've seen you put out.

      I'm trying to turn over a new leaf really. Painting and converting for fun, this challenge I thought may give me a bit of impetus to keep my creative juices flowing.
      I feel I became a bit lax when it came to the blog, I would like there to be a lot more activity on here from this point onward.

      I don't think it'll quite be constant daily updates though, lol. But his little challenge has been quite personally rewarding. I'm considering doing more in future.

    2. More to expect from here is definitely good news to me !

  2. Good job mate, keep grinding away. I had a couple of lax days myself with only a finished Skorcha and a half done Buggy.


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