The Emperor of Mankind - (almost finished)

I have let the blog slip by the wayside yet again... But I haven't been completely inactive.

I was going through a bit of a down period mentally and creatively. But I threw myself into a couple of challenges to get the fires going again.

Consider this, the picture of my latest project from the #GrimDarkCards challenge, a place-holder until I've rested my mind and can finish writing up some of the posts I've left in their Half-written limbo:

warhammer 40k Emperor golden throne conversion blanchitsu diorama

I intend on writing up some of my recent projects I've been working on, so if that interests you at all. I should be back shortly... Maybe... I'm getting really bad at this blogging malarkey :D

Until then, take care.


  1. This is splendid mec, absolutely brilliant !

    1. Thanks mate, I'm glad I went through with it.

  2. Wow, I'm speechless. Praise the Emperor!

    1. Thank you very much, it sure was an experience creating this thing :D

  3. This is such an amazing piece of art! You did such an fantastic job on this grimdark perfection.
    Just discovered your blog at this moment and put you immediatly on my blogroll ;-)
    Best regards!

    1. Thank you very much :)
      I haven't been very good at keeping the blog up to date lately, I keep trying to rectify that.
      Hopefully more interesting articles will pop up for you to enjoy on here in the future.

      I am planning on going through a run-down of my Throne build sometime, just want to get the candles on it now and call it officially complete first.


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