Thursday, 11 September 2014

Shipley Gaming Club and store opening

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to give a big shout out to my local store/club White Knight Games* and it's impending opening to try drum up some support and spread a bit of word of mouth as they get up and running.

And if I can help them get more customers in, well... I benefit by getting to play more games :)

Now that most of the start-up terrain is done, Steve (the proprietor of the store/club) is going to open on Thursday evenings 5pm-9pm to begin with, to gauge interest in the club (or you can get in contact if you'd like to pick something up) and take orders of miniatures (at a pretty nice discount I'll say), stocking Warhammer, Mantic and more, if he hasn't got it in stock, he'll order it in within about a week.

The club/store is situated in Shipley, West Yorkshire. (not that far from Bradford and Leeds if you're interested) in a shared space under The Drop of Ink tattoo studio (I may as well give them a plug whilst I'm doing this, right?). Just walking distance from the market square and the local train station:

1.Travel By Bus:
There are a number of buses that come to Shipley market square from all over the Braford and surrounding area (one from Leeds too I think). You'd have to figure this one out yourself, I mainly travel by train.

2.Travel By Train: 
From Bradford - You can catch practically any train from Bradford Forster Square station. The second stop out is Shipley train station.
From Leeds - You can catch the Bradford Forster Square and the Skipton train. First stop out is Shipley train station.
There are other trains... From Keighley and elsewhere... I don't know... I'm not a frickin' timetable. Figure it out yourself...

Games Played:
The club will running open tables. You want a game of Warhammer 40k or Fantasy, turn up and play.
Steve is organising a Necromunda campaign right now, so if you wanna dust off those old gangs (or start up a new one) come over and have go.

The club is going to be pretty accommodating when it comes to gaming. If you're not wanting to play current rulesets/editions. You can come down and play whatever edition you want, as long as you've got your own rulebooks/equipment etc.

That's right! Oldhammer, Bloodbowl, Inquisitor. You want to get a game in but don't have your own space. That's what the club's for. Steve really wants to build up a gaming scene in the area.

As more people get involved, playing at the club, ordering from the store. It can only grow from that point onward. More customers = more gaming. Give him a shout if you want to organise anything.

I myself am gearing up for the Necromunda campaign. I'm going to get a gang sorted out and hopefully have these finished for next Thursday:

Yep that's right. I'm doing some more terrain for the club. Specifically industrial terrain for Necromunda/40k.
I'm hoping to start spending my Thursday evenings down there. Even if I don't get a game in, it'll be a good opportunity to meet other gamers/hobbyists and have a chinwag.

That's it from me for a little while, take care everybody.

*(note: I am not affiliated with the business at all. Just a customer/club member that happens to have been commissioned to make the terrain. If you need to contact the club/store use their Website  or  Facebook Page )

Monday, 25 August 2014

Completed terrain commission pieces so far... Almost there!!!

Hey folks it's been a while, hope you've all been doing well.
Don't mind me I'm just posting a large pic-dump. A large portion of the terrain is done and is being picked up tomorrow. So I'll have more storage space to get on with the last few pieces.

So, the boards, the woods and generic scatter terrain are done. I decide to go with some clumps of boulders and several rock spires to break up the space on the board/line of sight etc:

The handful of 40k scatter terrain and walls/barricades are done too:

I went for many smaller clumps of terrain overall so that it would be useful for both skirmish gaming and larger wargaming, the woods having optional empty bases for ease of marking area etc.

I'm still working on the couple of larger 40k pieces at this moment they're kind of undercoated but need some finer details adding to add a bit of life before I properly set myself to painting them:

The fantasy walls are built and primed: 

That just leaves me with some fantasy specific scatter terrain to do and a couple of larger fantasy pieces and the project is done.

It's probably going to be quiet around here again for a while as I concentrate on finishing the last portion of terrain.

I really can't wait to get back to my own hobby projects after this.
Speak to you all when I get a chance.

Take care everybody,

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Birthday Princess

Hi everybody, sorry there hasn't been an update in sometime, it's been a little busy around the old homestead. I had my birthday, then I got ill, various other boring things... *sigh*
I'm still working on terrain for  the local store/club, will post up pictures soon.

But today is my youngest daughter's 7th birthday today, I made this photo-collage/digital art piece of her in the guise of how I imagine a Princess of the 41st millenium:

(She liked it and said I could share it online)

Happy birthday Rhiannon, my little Princess.

See you soon everybody, take care.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Taking a break to get organised

Hi everyone, hope you're all well.

I'm taking a breather from the terrain making today to get some much needed organising of my hobby supplies and work-space done. When I'm working on a lot of things at once (like the terrain project) my hobby room starts to look like a disaster area:

The stack paste tables with terrain pieces drying/stored.

My hobby area/PC desk swamped by detritus all around from the project.

Boxes of "stuff" to sort out and store. behind these boxes are my cupboards where all my unopened miniatures live, so I need to get it shifted.

I was going to sit and paint to relax but one look at my table said there was no way that was happening right now.

I've still got box after box of parts to get organised too... *sigh*.

Well it gives me a chance to sort out all my bits and bobs and recent purchases etc. Including a little something I got a short while ago

JB also known as Asslessman contacted me on Facebook asking if I had some parts to spare for a project. I sent him some of the bits he was looking for and added some more that I thought may be useful for his project too. He asked what I wanted in return, I gave him a list of projects I have on the go and he sent me some parts I may find useful:

Some awesome little bits there. Greater Daemon/Nurgle Beast/Daemon prince heads, banners. High Elf chariot parts, various weapons, pauldrons and decorative bits for Dark Angels and some chaos warrior parts. A couple of Nurglings Gnoblars and a sad looking imprisoned Goblin. Thanks JB ;)

Random bits and bobs are awesome to have around for conversions etc. We joked about us playing spot the bits when we get our projects underway. And I thought why not make a game of it. I'm keeping the parts JB sent in their own little bits box, whenever I use a part from it in future conversions I'm going to put the tag "AsslessBits" on it for a laugh.

I'm going to be knee deep in miniature parts for the rest of the evening. I really need to find a way to keep them organised that's also easy to search through. If you've got any suggestions I'm all ears.

Take care folks, see you sometime soon.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Homestretch on the forests

Hi everyone, I was going to be trying to post up completed images of the forests. But due to drying times etc the job ran on a little longer than I anticipated.

Although I am happy to call them about 95% done. Here's where we're at this evening.

Flocking the forests:

If you've been keeping up with the project  you'll remember I said the club terrain is going to be in a more alpine/mountainous theme. My own forests I haven't really decided upon. I'm leaning more toward a dead/autumnal forest theme, I'll get back to those a little later.

The brown material in the picture above is wood shavings, run through a food processor and dyed with paint/ink. I'm using it to simulate leaf litter and mulch under the trees etc

I've used the same mossy/turf as I did on the rocky areas on the realm of battle boards, I'm just waiting for the glue to set right now so I can knock off the excess. With it being mainly rocky themed terrain I thought it would look nice to have the forests provide a lot more greenery to the table.

The grey areas you can see exposed on the forest bases are what really needs finishing. I'll be muckying them up with paint/washes and when I've finally decided upon the colour for the water features, will be filled to match the boards.

Well that's it... Just another quickie from me.

I hope everyone is doing fine, you take care of yourselves.


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Forest bases almost painted

Hi everyone, I hope you're all doing well. Here's another update on the terrain project.

I've been a bit to-and-fro when it comes to these terrain pieces. I made a little complaint in the last post about the texture. Specifically that I wasn't going to texture the whole bases and just do patches of texture here and there.

Well... I decided to go with whole texture to make the pieces even more hard-wearing. I also followed the advice of my other half and some friends and decided to use both textures I had experimented with on all the pieces to have more variety upon them.

I was a bit hampered the last couple of days waiting for the rain to abate so I could get on with the spray painting to match the pieces to the boards.

Now with added colour:

I'm at the table now finishing off all the drybrushing. I'll be adding the trees and flocking the pieces tomorrow day-time. So the forests may be finished for tomorrow evening if nothing crops up to disturb my plans. I'll post up the pictures of the complete forests as and when they are complete.

Until next time, take care


Thursday, 3 July 2014

Doh!?!... I made a bit of a boo-boo...

Hey everybody, ever have one of those days where you narrow your eyes at your reflection in the mirror and intone "You sir... Are an idiot!"..?

That was me minutes ago, I'm in the middle of preparations for the school run and decided to look at the results of my test pieces from yesterday's post.

I'm looking at them and thinking they've turned out pretty well and job's a good 'un. :)

When a little voice at the back of my mind goes "That's all well and good, but you're not texturing the whole bases, you're only doing patches because they'll mainly be covered in leaf litter and moss..."

Wide eyed I ran over to my notes and sketches and you know what? That buggering little voice was right... 


Oh well... Not a total loss, at least I now know what the flour paste does:

Flour paste texture:

This isn't the type of texture I wanted for the bases, but it is interesting. As you can see, it turns out as a quite regular, smooth, dimpled texture. I think it may be quite good for concrete etc on scratch built urban terrain. Maybe even as a pre-spraypaint sealer on polystyrene.

Out of a mistake comes a new technique to add to the repertoire.

So a mistake made, is a lesson shared...

When you're working on a project follow these steps:

  1. Take notes and draw sketches to get some loose ideas of what you'd like to make
  2. Do a little research on any techniques or alternatives that may help to make the job go smoother
  3. RE-CHECK your notes/sketches to refresh your memory on ideas you'd like to use on the project
  4. ?????
  5. PROFIT!
Well, joking aside... The profit you'll make on this is a job that runs smoothly with much of the work organised ahead of time.

So now I know what I'm actually doing... Again... I'll get back to it...

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program... Take care everybody, I'm leaving the door for the school run now.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Experimenting with texture...

Hi everyone, sorry it's been a little longer than I wanted between updates. We've been very busy on the home front.

Just another quick update on the terrain now I've had chance to get to it again. The good news is that the longest part of cutting all those tiles is over. and I have the feeling back in my thumb and forefinger at last.

But I digress...

Test Pieces:

 The cork itself provides some texture but I wanted to add a bit more. I had a bit of a browse around the web and found some ideas.

I want to keep the weight down and also keep the terrain hard-wearing, I didn't want to go for the old spread p.v.a. and cover in sand because that would harden up somewhat and I was afraid of warping the cork too much, so it had to remain flexible too.

The one on the left has a sand/fine gravel/p.v.a. paste spread thinly over it, so it should give it a textured look, be quite hardy and flexible.

The one on the right is actually a flour paste, I saw this on a craft site and was intrigued enough to give it a go. This one is the most experimental of the two really, already looking at them as they dry I think I'm more likely to go with the first option because it ticks so many of the boxes that I'm after.

But you never know until you try something new right?

So once these are dry I'll be giving them a quick coat of paint/varnish to see the final result. When I know which I'm definitely using I'll be batch painting all the rest of the terrain bases.

Until next time, take care.


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