Maggotkin of Nurgle: 1st Plaguebearer unit complete

I've had enough of a break from painting now I think, and my pile of constructed hobby projects really knows about it!

So I've gone back to put some work into my Daemons of Nurgle. These were the Plaguebearers I used to first try out my airbrush way back here. I added another ten and the bases have been updated to match my recent Great Unclean One

Much happier with the look of the bases now.

My rotten little friends are starting to look really nice together.

I've updated my current Project Log and will be spending a bit more time getting the rest of the army finished.

I still have 1 Poxbringer Herald, 40 Plaguebearers, 6 Plague drones and 9 Nurgling Swarms for this chunk of the army. Somewhere in the region of 2000+ pts.

They are all literally near the finish post, I just got tired of production line painting the whole army; so I've broken it down to the individual units and will finish one at a time.

At that point I'll be leaving the Daemons alone and possibly starting on another chunk of my Maggotkin army. I've been building them to be stand alone forces that together will give me a large diseased legion.

But what next, when the Daemons are complete? Nurgle Mortals or Clan Pestilens skaven?

Do I take a break from Nurgle and work on something else?

I'm not sure, what do you think?

Well there's plenty of time to think about that, I'm getting back to my next 20 Plageubearers.

Until next time, take care.


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    1. Thank you very much. I'm really excited to see what it all looks like when complete :)

  2. They are scay and tastefully disgusting, if that makes any sense. I love them.

  3. I am loving these guys! They are suitably revolting! Well done

  4. Well that's one stunning Nurgle force really !
    I'd opt for Nurgle mortals, or you can place them and the skaven in between demons just to break the productin line feeling and keep your enthusiasm up, this way you keep the interest up and the demons should be done pretty rapidly, giving you that sweet sweet rewarding feeling.

    1. Thank you very much, I've just finished another 20 Plaguebearers. It felt better just working through the end stages of the one unit instead of across the whole force.

      But I might dip into some of the smaller projects from my hobby log in between units to keep myself refreshed.

  5. This daemons look absolutly fantastic! Could you please do a tutorial how you have paint them? You would help me so much get my nurgle army ready :). Best greetings

    1. Thank you very much :)

      I'm not painting anymore Daemons at the moment, I've moved on to my Mortal Nurgle force at the moment; so a tutorial might be a little tricky.

      I can have a look through my back-up drive to see if I till have images of when I first painted the ones above. But if not I could write up the process.

      I don't know if that would be helpful?

    2. Pics and a write up tutorial would be amazing! You could help me a lot Sir :)! My nurgle army is close to finish with building and is waiting for paint. Thank you very much!

    3. I haven't been able to find my external hard drive yet that had most of my hobby images stored on it. It was packed up somewhere during my house move.

      So I still don't know if I have the images at the moment.

      Sorry about the wait. But If I do find them I will update.

    4. If you don't find the pics no problem. I would even appreciate if you can tell me the used colours and techniques step by step :)

    5. huh... Another message I never got a notification for... This is why I'm considering moving to Wordpress.

      The link to the video below is a good gauge of what went into them. I could te4ll you the list of colours I used. But I have a habit of not even following my own formulas and switching out or using colours in different amounts across an entire unit just to add a lot more variety.

  6. THIS is awesome. Truly inspirational work, Sir!

  7. I dont want to annoy you, but you think you will find the time for a tutorial :D?

    1. My notifications must still be messed up, I never received an email of about this one, my apologies.

      I've been ill over the last month and tending to my ill family too, just that time of year I suppose (nurgle be praised)
      I haven't really got my hobby-head back on yet, still coming off the tail end of it, but I can provide you with a link to get you started.

      I looked around at other peoples projects for a more neutral scheme, because I didn't want cartoony green/purple and wanted a little more realism. I was mainly inspired by the work of ThirdEyeNuke and they had a really nice tutorial on Youtube: Herald of Nurgle tutorial

      That would be a first great step to watch, my paint job isn't very far removed from that one except for a few different colour choices, a couple of steps either removed (like the all over chrome drybrush!?!) or changed slightly and the use of rust effect solution on my metals and then used my own basing scheme etc.

      You won't go far wrong with that one. But I do the same with anything else I find a tutorial for. Take it in, modify it and make it a little more personal or comfortable to your own workflow. I may get around to writing up my own version, but it's just a busy time of year.


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