Blog update! And a question about the Golden Throne diorama...

Blog Update:
Hello everyone, it's been a while since I updated the blog... My apologies, not gonna make excuses. Just had a lot of other things going on in my hobby time and spending more quality time with the kids over the summer holidays.

But I finally got around to finishing off all the posts I had sitting around in draft-limbo, that I had previously mentioned on the post with the sneak peek of the almost finished Golden Throne diorama, more on that later in this post...

I apologise for my wave of posts that probably gummed up your blog feeds, but I wanted to get them all written and dealt with while I still had the drive to do so.

Also it seems I had done goofed somewhere down the line, while editing the posts I noticed that I had deleted my hobby tips page without a back-up. I still had them backed up in the old school way of images and a text doc in folders, so I went about rewriting them. I've tried to backdate them when the images were first taken and hoping they appear in my blog feed that way, who knows, what's done is done.

But that's it, blog is more or less back up to date as of right now!

My Question To You About The Golden Throne:

It probably hasn't escaped many of you that have me on other social media platforms, that the Emperor on Golden Throne diorama just exploded in popularity when it was first posted.

I was inundated with questions about it, request for more images and hobby advice and generally tons of questions on how I made it.

If I'm being honest, I was really taken aback at it's reception and stepped away from it for a while because frankly I'm a big bag of nerves.

But I told everyone I was just waiting to get my blog back up to date and to take some better pictures of the finished diorama. I have done those things now...

So my question is:

If you are interested in seeing how the diorama was created, how would you like to see that done?From the position I'm in now I can see a couple of options:

It's probably better to post it all here on the blog, then it doesn't just get lost in the void of social media feeds and will be easier to find and/or link back to.

I could do one huge article, from start to finish on the project (the less desirable option).

or I could break it up into 2 or 3 articles, something like:

  • The Finished Golden Throne Diorama
  • Building The Golden
  • Painting The Golden
  • The Finished Golden Throne Diorama
  • Building & Painting The Golden Throne
You see I'm not terribly sure how I'd like to approach it, I took many pictures all the way through the process, but how to publish that, not a clue.

So I thought I'd open up my problem to your scrutiny and fish for a little advice on how to approach it.

All comments and conversation are welcome

Take care.


  1. I vote for three articles, so that you can reference building and painting specifically, and then haev a show off post for the final thing.

    1. I'm leaning more that way myself. I feel that I could probably get the information across better with dedicated posts for each. also anyone who is just interested in looking at pretty pictures can just click on the post of the finished diorama.
      thanks for the feedback :)

    2. I'm with Lasgunpacker ... it'll be great to see how this piece was build and painted. It looks awesome just from this sole photo on this post. :)

    3. thanks for the feedback FourEyedMonster, you think it should be in that order too; build/paint post first followed by finished piece/gallery post?

    4. Yes, definitely. But then again I'm bias cause most of my posts are in this order. LoL :)

  2. And you were not kidding about dumping out a number of articles at once! Maybe schedule them for one a day next time, if you do not want them to get lost in a feed.

    1. I just felt I had to get them done and published, they've been sat in draft taunting me for a while. getting it all finished almost feels like a clean slate and I can stop them getting so backed up from now on.

  3. I'd personally go with one even if it's too long, people can come back to it but otherwise, doing a finished model post then a WIP post makes sense.

    1. I don't know my friend, it would be a pretty huge singular post :D
      I took an awful lot of pictures, I think realistically, people might get bored viewing/reading it.


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